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04/14/2006, 09:42

She may not start with the currently coveted Hypersonic Speed, but Captain Marvel has got herself a fancy new red super-suit and now she wants to go out on the town to administer the beat-down! Should you take out or should you leaving her sitting at home alone waiting for the phone to ring? If you really want to know, come on in here, ya hear? After all, itís not polite to keep a lady waiting.

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04/14/2006, 09:47
Captain Marvelís vital measurements are as follows:
Points: 166
Type: E+
Clicks of Life: 8
Range: 0
Targets: 1

Captain Marvelís Gains v. Experienced Mary Marvel
Maybe Iím crazy to say this, but Captain Marvel was the LE from this set that I was most anxious to get. Why? Maybe itís the fancy new red outfit (v. the REVís white). Maybe itís the fact that Iím a sucker for bricks, whether they be flying or grounded, though flying is much preferred. Either could be the case, however there are a couple of more compelling reasons. The first is swapping out the Experiencedís starting click of Quake for the superior (in my opinion) Super Strength on the Captainís dial. The secondary reason is the LEís damage getting upped to a robust natural four (4). Equipped with the soda machine, the fair Captain can swoop in a deliver a punishing seven (7) clicks of damage all by her lonesome! The Captainís defense on click two also gets upgraded to 16 (versus the Eís 15) and she gains an extra click of Toughness on the back-end of the dial. Also worth noting, she picks up an extra click of nine (9) attack. From a dishing out more punishment angle, the lady in the red skirt also has an extra click of Exploit Weakness in comparison to her white-clad counterpart. All this for a mere three points more than the Experienced Mary Marvel. Not to shabby!

Captain Marvelís Losses v. Experienced Mary Marvel
All of the enhancements noted above do not come without cost, but from where Iím sitting, the gains far outweigh the losses. First, the LE loses a click of Hypersonic Speed on click four which is replaced by a Charge. Second, and perhaps more critical, the LE coughs up one whole click of life to get the aforementioned boosts. Third, she drops to a dismal 13 defense on her last two clicks where the Experienced Mary only has one click of that nasty 13 D. Although, that late in the dial, one has to wonder Ė does a 13 v. a 14 really matter?

Neutral Dial Tinkering
In this instance, there really isnít any of which to speak.

The Nitty Gritty
The LE Captain Marvel helps me through a major issue I had with the Experienced Mary Marvel. Namely, I would much rather Charge in with Super Strength and really pound the tar out of a medium- to large-sized target instead of using a figure at this point level to knock around a few cats that only have Toughness. Bringing the pain, especially six (6) or more clicks, has to win out every time. While the E has a tad more Hypersonic, when the good Captain fades to Charge from HSS I almost welcome it because she picks up Exploit Weakness at the same time and that goes quite well with her nine (9) attack, Super Strength and three (3) damage. Clicks four and five are pretty hot and spicy, indeed. Much hotter and spicier than clicks four and five on Maryís dial. By the time she gets Quake at the end of her dial, sheís pretty beat up, and with any luck sheís based up with one or more zero-range bricks that are pretty beat up as well. At that point, Quake is your best friend allowing you to knock your enemies away and hurt them besides. Late dial Quake on a figure like this is a beautiful thing.

Could Captain Marvel lead a 300 point team? Assuming she knows how to accessorize with some long-distance shooters, some Stealth help, and a splash of Probability Control to assist with some potentially tricky attack roles, I think she could. Some extra Outwit would be nice as well, if thereís room for it, though I wouldnít view it to be as essential as the other two.

Cards that Work:
As with Clark Kent before, try playing the Debris Battlefield Condition. The more objects around for her to grab, the happier youíll be. Fuel tanks, dumpsters, light posts and soda machines would all make excellent object choices if youíre feeling aggressive. Go for the computer or the office desk if youíre the more nervous-type.

Nanobots should help you keep the LE in the fight, especially when used in conjunction with Debris. After she gets knocked onto clicks six, seven or eight, Nanobots will get her back to a click with Charge and Exploit Weakness every time, without fail. And if youíre really fortunate youíll end up at that click four or five sweet spot!

If ol_Dut Had to Choose:
LE Captain Marvel v. E Mary Marvel? To steal a rhyme from Andrew Dice Clay (which I am equally ashamed, disturbed and puzzled that I still remember) and twisting it around a bit for the topic at hand and the PG crowd, my answer is as follows:

Mary, Mary, quite contrary
Iíll take the LE because itís too darn scary.

If the object of the game is to engage the enemy and punish them and punish them well, LE Captain Marvel lets me do that better up front where it really counts, and better down the dial where itís pretty good, too. Sure the Experienced Mary gets a slight upswing in her attack value on her last two clicks, but there is no guarantee Iíll ever land on them. Unless I play foolishly, I know that the LE's first click is pure gold and all mine. Iím also fairly confident that most of the time I will get to leverage her mid-dial sweet spot (clicks four and five) with that zesty alignment of Charge, Super Strength, Exploit Weakness and a solid nine (9) attack. If the Captain hits you first, youíll regret it. If you nail her for five or six (before damage reducers), well, sheíll make you regret that, too.

Quick and Dirty Price Tag: Captain Marvel is not a cheap date. If you need to pick her up on the secondary market expect to shell out $25-$30.

Thatís all for this week. See you next week with more Collateral Damage LE goodness!

Thanks for reading!

04/14/2006, 11:13
I thought I was gonna be a big fan of Mary, but there are so many other pieces that I love from this set.

I had a choice of trying to play for Mary, or Judging the only Marquee I could attend and getting an OMAC LE. Mary might have had a chance if I wasn't such a sucker for the OMAC's.

I do like the SS up front better, but I think that for the points that you can do better that the LE.

Great review, as always!

04/14/2006, 11:33
Mary Marvel LE is not only one of the few figs with Ch, SS, EW combo but she has it for 3 clicks.

04/14/2006, 13:36
Great review. Your writing has come a long way.

04/14/2006, 14:11
I miss the pricing information :( IMO, without that information, we really are getting not much more than the "what I (don't) like about ____"...which was (again, IMO) the downfall of azs' reviews.

As for a more positive suggestion, the Range and Number of targets would be a good piece of information to include in the top "blurb' along with clicks of life.

04/14/2006, 19:18
tidge - thanks for the suggestions - done and done!

04/17/2006, 07:51
I miss the pricing information :( IMO, without that information, we really are getting not much more than the "what I (don't) like about ____"...

Well I for one like the format of the reviews. I don't really need to hear about 1 guys opinion on what teams he thinks a figure is good on, or how 'best to use' a character. As one of many here who started playing when the game first came out, it can be hard to completely agree with person X or Y's strategy or 'skill tips'...I don't want that to come across wrong, but I think alot of people here know what I mean to a degree.

I like knowing which REV the LE is most comparable to, and then a strictly no bull comparison between what the LE has or doesn't over the other versions. The facts of the figure are what make up a review personally, not some guys personal opinions on how good or bad the figure is based on either personal experience or speculation (which might be most of the time).
Stats don't lie.
Keep up the good work ol Dut.