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07/20/2006, 10:12

Weíve got the two most interesting pieces of Collateral Damage up today. The first one is what you get when you crack the Red Tornado open releasing the elemental force that was housed inside - the Tornado Tyrant! The other is a fabulous example of better living through chemistry. Not content being a brain in a jar, he cannibalized parts from the Justice League to become the GeneGrafted Brain! How do they measure up? Come inside and see!

07/20/2006, 10:18
Tornado Tyrant #212 (Red Tornado)
Points: 92
Type: V+/Different
Clicks: 7
Range: 8
Targets: 1

Tornado Tyrantís Gains v. Veteran Red Tornado
To start things off, Tyrantís range is boosted from six (6) to eight (8). He also sees very solid increases in his movement, opening with a 12 and Phasing, then four 10ís (one with Running Shot, two with Force Blast and another with Phasing), and he closes his dial with two nines accompanied by yet more Phasing. On his attack track, he adds one click of 10 attack and picks up one extra click of Telekinesis. Defensively, the Tornado Tyrant sports two clicks of Super Senses (on clicks one and five) and three of Toughness (on clicks two through four). From a damage perspective the Tornado Tyrant is all about Ranged Combat Expert with a full five clicks of the power each in conjunction with a natural two (2) damage.

Tornado Tyrantís Losses v. Veteran Red Tornado
Weighing in at almost a full 30 points more than the Vet, one would not really expect anything to be stripped from the Tornado Tyrant. However, in addition to the powers overhaul, the Tyrant drops all three clicks of three (3) damage, and at the end of his dial the tyranny is totally gone as he finishes with a meager, almost pacifistic one (1) damage. Tornado Tyrant also sheds the Vetís Smoke Could, Willpower, Energy Shield/Deflection and Close Combat Expert.

Neutral Dial Tinkering
Tornado Tyrant moves from two clicks of TK to two clicks of Quake and then back to two more of TK, whereas the Vet only hits Quake once his TK is exhausted.

Cards That WorkConsidering his damage values, Nanobots is a gimme, and taking into account his short seven clicks of life for his 92 points, itís almost a necessity in order to wring almost 100 points of value out of him. And if Nanobots is in the mix, try playing the Radiation Leak battlefield condition card to hamper your opponentís attempts at healing damage. Depending on the remaining make-up of the team, Atlantis Rising may also work well to hinder your oppositionís mobility.

If ol_Dut had to Choose:
Tornado Tyrant v. Veteran Red Tornado? These two pieces are just different enough that the only real answer is ďit dependsĒ. Tornado Tyrant makes sense in games of 400 points or more, where initially heíll fling a bruiser or two into battle before rushing in himself to either press the attack or pull off a quick evac operation if the first engagement didnít go quite so well. His starting 10 attack and ability to dole out four (4) damage from range make him simply beg to get in the fight, though. Due to the fact that he starts without any damage reducers, heís clearly a secondary attacker, and thanks to the aforementioned damage dealing ability, he should make quick work of the wounded.

Veteran Red Tornado, or rather the Red Toronado is the good guyís pimped-out luxury ride Ė when you absolutely, positively have a Watchtower full of JLAíers to rapidly whip into battle (and youíve got the 14 extra points to spare)! His starting dollop of Willpower enables him to throw out teammates on successive turns without the hassle of pushing damage. Once heís moved everyone out that needs moving, and only after itís relatively certain that no one stands a good chance of hitting his 18 defense, should he dare to move into the fray. Even then his best strategy is to play vulture and just take the easy pickings that come his way rather than actively seeking a fight. His near-sighted six (6) range puts him dangerously close to the action, and without damage reducers heíll eat every click he takes. If heís going to last, the Red Toronado will need to be well cared for, protected from unsavory elements, and frequently buffed and waxed. Heís made for games of 300 or less, but will likely suffer in larger games as too many figures will be able to have their wicked way with his naked, that is to say damage reducerless, 18 defense.

Quick and Dirty Price Tag
Those interested in picking up the little bit of nastiness that is the Tornado Tyrant can easily do so for about the price of a booster, but certainly no more that $10.

Next up is the GeneGrafted Brain.

GeneGrafted Brain #216 (Monsieur Mallah/The Brain REV)
Points: 117
Type: E+/Different
Clicks: 9
Range: 8
Targets: 1

GeneGrafted Brainís Gains v. Experienced The Brain
The differences between these two figures is so massive, all encompassing and fundamental that it is almost pointless to speak of gains and losses. However, in keeping with tradition we shall itemize them anyway. First, Mean Genes picks up and additional three (3) clicks of life. His speed numbers are for the most part double what exists on the E Brain, and he also has four clicks of Hypersonic Speed to start, followed by two of Charge. Mean Genesí attack numbers are very comparable to E Brainís, however Meanie gains three clicks of TK and four of Incapacitate. Defensively he has five clicks of Barrier sprinkled throughout his mid- and late-dial, and on his damage track he features three clicks of RCE to start, and fading to four clicks of Outwit (on clicks 4, 5, 8, and 9). All of these powers reflect his new body which was cobbled together out of parts from Green Lantern, the Flash, Martian Manhunter and others. It should be noted that none of these powers save for Outwit exist on E Brain for the obvious reason that E Brain is still basically a brain in a jar.

GeneGrafted Brainís Losses v. Experienced The Brain
Like the Tyrant above, Mean Genes undergoes a complete powers exchange. In acquiring the powers listed above, he disposes of almost all of the previous vestiges of himself including Psychic Blast, Mastermind, Willpower and Perplex. Another key loss falls in the realm of a beautiful missed opportunity, namely a new sculpt. While additional sculpts no doubt add to WizKids production costs, a proper and unique GeneGrafted Brain sculpt would have been fabulous, but instead weíre recycling the E Brainís sculpt which looks nothing like the GeneGrafted Brain.

Cards That Work
In order to get the most mileage from Hypersonic Speed, Armor Piercing will let super Gene hurt anyone he can hit. Alternately, those made nervous by his complete and utter lack of any ability to reduce or transfer damage may wish to equip him with Trick Shot so that he can blast away from relative safety behind a trusty wall of blockers. Astral Plane also helps is Hypersonic Speed by turning hindering terrain into clear terrain for movement, helping to ensure that Hypersonic Gene wonít get stuck in a bush.

If ol_Dut had to Choose:
GeneGrafted Brain v. Experienced The Brain? In most all cases Iíd have to go with the GeneGrafted Brain. E Brian is a support piece with a late-night horror show wardrobe whose sole purpose in life is to provide a mix of Outwit and Perplex under cover of Mastermind. For 70 points. The same services can be had from the classic Eddie Nashton or the more recent E Black Mask for significantly fewer points. While E The Brain may be a bit more battle-ready than either of those two pieces, itís not enough of a selling point for me. More often than not, Iíd leave the Experienced The Brain in the box and go for the R or V Mallah if I was dead-set on playing something from the REV. However, if I was in the mood to play a version of The Brain, I would not hesitate to reach for the GeneGrafted Brain every time. The GeneGrafted Brain feels like an attacker. An overpriced and somewhat underpowered attacker, but an attacker none the less. In larger games, he may perform quite admirably in clean-up duties after heís thrown a primary attacker or two into the initial assault. Due to the changes in HSS, heíll have to get uncomfortably close to his prey if heís going to use the tried and true dink and dunk maneuver. As a result, heís much more of a strategy piece that will require very careful positioning and precise usage to derive the optimum value for his point cost. His relatively naked defense track drives this complexity. His defense numbers are low and barren and dictate the need for caution and planning. Failure to do so will result in watching those nine clicks of life go by very quickly indeed. That said, given his extreme departure from his REV counterpart and his potential, heís a piece that simply must be tried in larger games.

Quick and Dirty Price Tag
Given the novelty of the GeneGrafted Brain and his current relative scarcity, players needing to get theirs in the secondary market will need to pony up about $20 to get one. Brain jar polish ainít cheap!

Next week Ė Sinister! Thanks for reading!

07/20/2006, 14:52
Thanks for writing! I know you hear this a lot, but I love your reviews, not only for their accuracy but also your writing style. I've been studying your work so that I can become a better writer, so don't be surprised if I stop being shy and write an article myself one of these days.

You rock, man! :)

07/20/2006, 16:55
Thanks for the review!
Swingline could also help the GeneGrafted Brain's mobility, especially the Hypersonic and Charge clicks.

07/20/2006, 17:21
Can you use TK with Hypersonic Speed?
I don't think you can but it doesn't hurt to ask.

07/20/2006, 17:22
A Gene-Grafted Brain just sold for $32.00 plus shipping. I like this character but I think I can wait for the price to go down.
The Tornado Tyrant was one of my must haves from the beginning. Red Tornado is one of my favorite characters, so I was glad to have an LE made. I think the V is a great part of a balanced squad.
Great review!

07/20/2006, 17:40
I think that expecting a new sculpt for the LE Genecrafted Brain was a bit too much - especially considering that WK already went to the expense of doing multiple sculpts for the REV.

First Lensman
07/20/2006, 18:37
I think that expecting a new sculpt for the LE Genecrafted Brain was a bit too much - especially considering that WK already went to the expense of doing multiple sculpts for the REV.

I agree, they could have at least painted the Brain a different color!!!

07/20/2006, 18:51
I think that expecting a new sculpt for the LE Genecrafted Brain was a bit too much - especially considering that WK already went to the expense of doing multiple sculpts for the REV.

You mean I can't have everything? Well, yeah, maybe you're right. But it would have been undeniably cool. I'm in a pretty darned forgiving mood too after seeing that picture of the new She Hulk that Superfro posted.

07/20/2006, 19:09
GeneGrafted brain might be good with Swingline.

07/20/2006, 23:24
Can you use TK with Hypersonic Speed?
I don't think you can but it doesn't hurt to ask.

Absolutely not.

07/21/2006, 01:24
Genegrafted brain also does well with forcefield, with barrier and tk throughout much of his dial he gets an excellent boost from it.

07/21/2006, 01:38
GeneGrafted brain might be good with Swingline.
Now where have I heard that before? :p

07/21/2006, 04:34
It's a rule: All grounded HSS characters are good with Swingline!

At least, until Wk gives us Ultimate Quicksilver. :)

07/21/2006, 09:03
Dut, thanks for the use of colors, boldness, etc. in your reviews...it makes them very easy to read, IMO.

I'm in agreement with your write-ups of these two...personally I am not really motivated by any of the Red Tornado pieces, but some wacky combination of Brains and Simians are going to end up on a team of mine
one day.

I'm currently leaning towards using GG Brain as the centerpiece of a minion swarm team (like Police, Intergang, or even cross universes and use SHIELD). My thinking is that the HSS will help the brain to maneuver in and out of blocking positions..and possibly use things like +1 AV/Damage from the minions to boost GGB's offense.

07/22/2006, 10:47
Great review!

I've got both pieces, but I have to say, the GeneGrafted Brain is one of my favourite LE's. It's a brain in a jar... but not. I agree that it would've been better with its own sculpt, but the GGBrain had such a short appearance that it wouldn't really be worth Wizkids' trouble. I'm amazed that it's been made in the first place.

And, in case anyone was wondering, the GeneGrafted Brain stole Martian Manhunter's eyes, the Flash's legs, Green Lantern's arm (and ring) and Black Canary's voice.

07/22/2006, 10:51
Great Review I cant wait till i get my hands on a Gene Grafted Brain LE

07/23/2006, 08:56
i'm glad i won Gene-Grafted Brain in the tourny yesterday

07/24/2006, 01:22
I won the toruney today and had the choice between the 2 LE's mentioned above. It was a tough choice but my friend already had the Tornado Tyrant and he really wanted Gene Grafted Brain so I chose the Tornado Tyrant.

Tornado Tyrant was my number 1 want this set.


First Lensman
07/25/2006, 17:36
Thanks for the review, I went and picked up a Tornado Tyrant on E-Bay !!!