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09/07/2006, 15:57

Long before there was Xena, we had Valkyrie; the finest example of a sword-wielding heroine in an armored bustier, and we liked it. Boy howdy did we ever like it. And we still do. Fans have been anxiously awaiting her HeroClix debut for quite some time, and although she’s arrived without her noble steed, she’s finally here, not only in an REV but in an LE as well. Come on in as we try to figure out which blonde will have more fun – Valkyrie or Brunnhilde!

09/07/2006, 16:00
A quick peek under Valkyrie’s cape yields us the following:

LE Brunnhilde (LE #204 – Valkyrie)
Points: 69 (it’s low-hanging fruit, I know, but no jokes please)
Type: V-
Clicks: 8
Range: 6
Targets: 1

LE Brunnhilde’s Gains vs. Veteran Valkyrie
For two points less than the Veteran, Brunnhilde has several noticeable enhancements. First, she has one additional click of Charge, and a top of dial movement of nine (9). Second, on the attack front, she not only has a second click of nine (9) attack, but she also has an up-tick in attack values on clicks seven and eight, where her attack values sit at eights instead of the Veteran’s sevens. Lastly, she adds two clicks of Toughness, three of Exploit Weakness, and drops one click of that pesky Battle Fury.

LE Brunnhilde’s Losses vs. Veteran Valkyrie
Everything has its cost, and Hilde’s augmentations don’t come without certain sacrifices, and chief among them is the absence of the delightful 18 and 17 defensive values that her Vet counterpart can share with her teammates. That’s quite a blow. Hilde’s defensive values top out at 16 and dip all the way down to 12. Ugh! She also drops one click of life and that nifty lead-in click of Charge – the LE has Phasing, cursed Phasing, instead. Other noteworthy losses include the deletion of Willpower, one less click of three (3) damage, and three fewer clicks of two (2) damage.

Neutral Dial Tinkering
Brunnhilde leads in with five clicks Super Strength followed by two of Blades/Claws/Fangs, while the Veteran starts with the two BCF clicks and transitions to five of Super Strength.

Cards that Work
Once Brunnhilde is off of her Phasing click, Swingline will let her wring the most value out of her two Charge clicks. And further, Movethrough should help her get to the Charge target she wants rather than the target that’s in front of her. A lady likes to have choices when she’s looking for dance partners after all.

With respect to Battlefield Conditions, it’s prudent to let the balance of the team determine what’s best. At her point cost, she’s a secondary attacker at best, and as such she is not, nor should she be the lynchpin of any BFC strategy.

If ol_Dut had to Choose
LE Brunnhilde vs. Veteran Valkyrie? The LE gives up quite a lot that I am loathe to let go. The loss of the top of dial Charge is a shame. Giving up the 18 and 17’s on her defense track is a sin considering the Defenders team ability. However, be that as it may, it’s hard for me not to go for the hero with the old fashioned name, Brunnhilde. For starters, the LE gives me two characteristics that I prize most with regard to damage – predictability and repeatability. This is because the LE opens with Super Strength. Dice are fickle and good rolls seem to go AWOL just when they’re needed most. Who here hasn’t been looking for, nay begging for a huge BCF roll only to be stuck with a “1” or “2” that won’t even crack your opponent’s defenses? C’mon, we’ve all been there. Super Strength allows Hilde the ability to do a reliable five (5) clicks of damage on her first click, whereas the Vet will struggle to do as well or better with the unpredictable BCF. If she takes a click or two of damage while dishing out the initial beat-down, so much the better as that will simply empower her to Charge in on her next victim once she’s done with her first.

And considering the best defense is a good offense, I’m willing to part with those huge defensive values in favor of the LE’s better attack numbers, because if she really needs an 18 defense she can always hang out with the Silver Surfer. No one can give the Veteran better attack numbers. Hilde’s Exploit Weakness is also a significant deciding factor. The ability to do big penetrating damage when coupled with Super Strength can not be stressed too much. And then there's that nice bit of Flurry. As long as Brunnhilde lands the first blow, her victim is going to have a very hard time hitting her 16 defense, and that makes the loss of the 18 and 17’s pretty palatable. The Vet is a very solid piece, don’t’ get me wrong, but given the choice I’ll take the LE Brunnhilde darn near every time. She’s a sweet 69 pointer that’s going to be getting put to work on a lot of my teams.

Quick and Dirty Price Tag
If you’re looking to buy Brunnhilde, get ready to shell out between $10 - 15. Hey, bustier polish ain’t cheap, but it sure is worth it!

Next week? Even more Sinister as we look at The Goblin Princess! Thanks for reading!

09/07/2006, 21:09
Great review, as always. I practically wrote the LE off in favor of the vet, but now I'll have to reconsider.

Can Flurry be used with Exploit Weakness?

09/07/2006, 21:19
Can Flurry be used with Exploit Weakness?

I'm 95% sure that it can. And I personally like the Vet over Brunnhilde. Even with the BCF/Super Strength swap, I love the 18 Defense. But that's just me. ;)

09/07/2006, 21:20
This is one of the few occasions when I fully expected ol-Dut to answer "I'd play both the Vet and the LE, together", especially considering the Defenders TA.

Like ol' Dut, I prefer steady and reliable offense...but I have often used a single-starting click of Phasing to great advantage.

Another thing to consider about the "nickel-and-dime" point savings of the Defenders LEs...those few points (and the starting Super Strength) make Rip it Up slightly more feasible, if you are unsure about object placement.

09/07/2006, 21:23
Your reviews are great. You put things in a way many may not consider.

09/07/2006, 21:52
I'm 95% sure that it can. And I personally like the Vet over Brunnhilde. Even with the BCF/Super Strength swap, I love the 18 Defense. But that's just me. ;)

Nope. Flurry/Exploit are not a legal combination. Both require you to give the character a Close Combat Action, and you cannot be given more than one non-free action per turn.

Great review as always, though, ol_dut!

09/07/2006, 21:56
Like ol' Dut, I prefer steady and reliable offense...but I have often used a single-starting click of Phasing to great advantage.

Really? I don't have much luck with them - to me that starting click of phasing is like the HeroClix equivalent of a "Kick Me" sign. However, for the points I think that Brunnhilde brings a lot to the table and should avoid getting kicked, to the curb or otherwise.

09/07/2006, 22:00
I'm 95% sure that it can.Then you'd be 5% right. ;)

Its one of those subtle things with attack versus action. Flurry grants 2 close combat attacks. EW requires a CC action.

Same reason you can't use EW with HSS.

09/07/2006, 22:38
Here are the dials everyone :)

Veteran Valkyrie
(#sn048): 71 points – Defenders – 6 /

LE Brunnhilde
(#sn204): 69 points – Defenders – 6 /

09/07/2006, 22:50
Here are the dials everyone :)

Veteran Valkyrie
(#sn048): 71 points – Dedfenders – 6 /

LE Brunnhilde
(#sn204): 69 points – Dedfenders – 6 /

Wow, now thats seeing them side by side! Thanks ShearForce!

09/07/2006, 23:33
Playing them together sounds ok to me. Slap Passenger on Brunnhilde and carry V Valkirie to the target. Maybe its not the best idea, but its not bad

09/08/2006, 00:17
[QUOTE=ShearForce]Here are the dials everyone :)


Thanks again -- This makes head-to-head comparison SO much easier.

Numb Skrull
09/08/2006, 01:22
I think I would choose the LE over the vet as well, I was in a game with my friend and I had the vet. I thought "wow an 18 defense this will be hard to hit." So I flew her in with some figure, they both later charged in at one of my friends figs. What happened was I missed both my roles and when he roled he hit my vet Val. He had to role a 9 and he did, after that she couldn't hit anyone. So she died. So yes the high defense always look good on paper, but some guys can just get a lucky role and stomp on your dreams. So I like the reliable attack better than a high starting off defense.

09/08/2006, 02:00
I haven't played the LE yet, but I'm finding that I look twice at a figure with front-loaded Phasing anymore. Mostly due to the Sinister maps, which I'm pretty much guarenteed to end up on at least once or twice in a few of the tournaments I hit during the week.

I want to team her up with the OMAC LE to share his 18 defense, along with a Sidewinder so the OMAC gets Phasing too.

Great review man! keep it up!

09/08/2006, 04:10
These reviews are one of the best things on HCRealms, no question.
I look forward to them every time.

Keep it up!

09/08/2006, 09:11
I often agree with ol_duts opinion, but this time I have to disagree. The reasoning for BCF could be turned around. I've often found myself rolling 4,5 or 6 on crucial moments (or found it rolled against me). And the first-click charge is a huge step up from the LE.

09/08/2006, 09:18
I agree with stormcrawler but I hate, hate, hate BCF and 3 damage on the same clix! I tend to use the 3 on a tought character but on In./Imp. I hate having to choose. I would rather play the V but that review will make me consider using the LE if/when I get her.

09/08/2006, 10:19
I don't have much luck with them - to me that starting click of phasing is like the HeroClix equivalent of a "Kick Me" sign.

I like starting phasing for the way it allows me to position figures in such a way to disrupt an opponents deployment. The downside is this: there seems to be a solid 30% (in my area at least) of players that don't deploy much beyond a 4-corners roof top, or row 8 of the newer maps...but even so, getting behind enemy lines can be disastrous if you also have stealth-busting snipers.

A Super Strength Phaser can be exceptionally important for stealing special objects (Laser Turrets, Kinetic Absorbers, etc.)

09/08/2006, 12:26
Using the LE along with V Nighthawk could allow the use of "Fastball Special" and actually make it work. . . .

. . . Not "worthwhile" of course, but work maybe . . .

. . .Or not . . .


09/09/2006, 09:36
Great review, i just got her from winning fellowship(16).

09/10/2006, 10:10
I think she is more similar to the Experienced.

09/10/2006, 10:54
Nice review, but I still can't think of a single circumstances where I'd rather play the LE.

If I really want the charge super strength combo, I'll go with the Exp version and get that sweet CR to boot.

This is one LE I just can't see ever playing.

09/10/2006, 10:56
Charge super strength isn't as fun on a mid-priced grounded piece anyway. I want to taxi her in and odds are I wouldn't get to make us of an object or I'd have to hoof it all the way to the front (unless using the old TK crutch).

09/12/2006, 03:04
Really? I don't have much luck with them - to me that starting click of phasing is like the HeroClix equivalent of a "Kick Me" sign. However, for the points I think that Brunnhilde brings a lot to the table and should avoid getting kicked, to the curb or otherwise.

Front-loaded phasing can kick butt on a lot of figures. One great thing is to set Brunnhilde in relative safety(where non-phasers have a hard time getting) until a character pushes, next turn phase next to them and then just wait to bring the pain and push onto your Charge click. Also you could put Protected on her and Phase up next, or within Charging distance) to a character with one token...If they push to attack then use the token putting her on her Charge and she will clear before they do to bring the pain. I just get alot of use out of front-loaded Phasing, it's the perfect power to get into position and early positioning can be crucial to the game.

Great review though! Brunnhilde is like the only LE I really care about getting this month.