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11/02/2006, 13:03

He started out with one of the worst names in all of comics. Whizzer. What the? He obviously didn’t think this through. No one’s ever going to say, “Somebody help me! I’m being attacked by the Whizzer!”. They’d fall over laughing and whiz themselves before they could say it. One quick name change later, we’ve got Speed Demon. A cooler name to be sure, but the name by itself wasn’t enough to keep him from being Spidey’s punching bag on a routine basis. Now, we also have James Sanders. Who’s Speediest? Who’s Whizziest? Come on in and let’s see!

11/02/2006, 13:07
LE James Sanders (LE# 212 – Whizzer/Speed Demon)
Type: E+
James Sanders (http://www.wizkidsgames.com/heroclix/marvel/figuregallery.asp?unitid=11068)
(The dial generator has gone wonky on me so you'll need to click the link to see the dial.)

And here’s his counterpart.
E Speed Demon - 45 Points - Sinister Syndicate
Exp. Speed Demon (http://www.wizkidsgames.com/heroclix/marvel/figuregallery.asp?unitid=11122)
(Again, click the link to see the dial.)

LE James Sanders’ Gains vs. Experienced Speed Demon
There really isn’t much to talk about here as the character isn’t many points and the LE represents a minor tweak to Speed’s dial. James adds one click of nine (9) attack and one click of 17 defense. He adds two clicks each of 16 defense and Perplex, the latter of which is somewhat perplexingly located on his second and third clicks.

LE James Sanders’ Losses vs. Experienced Speed Demon
There aren’t many losses to report, but chief among them is the loss of one click of life, bringing his total down to five clicks for 47 points. He’s also got one less click of Energy Shield/Deflection and Charge, but they’re really just collateral losses.

Neutral Dial Tinkering
Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Cards that Work
Mr. Sanders, no relation to the Colonel, is as cheap and nasty in clix form as he is in the comics (but not nearly as greasy as the chicken). As such, while there are a few feats that make some sense for James, pick the one that best fits the team’s overall strategy, because jacking him up on more than one feat will definitely yield diminishing returns, leaving you feeling rather plucked. Damage Shield provides value on every click for a modest 10 point investment. Considering that he starts with a spicy 19 defense from range, most who attack him will want to get in close to do it. Damage Shield may be enough of a deterrent to keep the enemy focused on other targets until later, thus buying Jimmy some time to do his thing. Armor Piercing is a usual companion to Damage Shield, but be wary. Adding this feat as well increases James’ cost by another 10 points, nearly a 50% increase, and for 67 points is he really the figure of choice? Lastly we have the Hypersonic Speedsters’ best friend, Swingline. For, yep-you guessed it, another 10 points he can ignore hindering terrain and ground fliers. Again each feat is helpful, but the best plan is to use one and only one.

Battlefield Conditions should be determined either by the team’s big hitter or the overall composition. BFC’s like Darkness my prohibit people taking pot shots at him but would also hinder the usefulness of his Perplex. Generally speaking, none of the BFC’s beg to be attached to James.

If ol_Dut had to Choose
LE James Sanders vs. Experienced Speed Demon? Colonel Sanders may have 11 herbs and Spices making his chicken so finger lickin’ good, but let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment and say that James really only has one thing that makes him good. And despite the golden promise of Perplex, it’s that Hypersonic Speed that defines his reason for existing. Is James really ever going to see that Perplex much less get to use it? Probably not. An average hit for three (3) damage knocks him right past it and lands him squarely on Flurry with a seven (7) attack and one (1) damage. No gravy here and the points paid for the Perplex have just been blown.

That said, is it prudent to push Jimmy off of HSS and onto Perplex? If one truly believes that he’s a one trick pony and that his one trick is HSS, no way. Putting James on the board has already cost one click of life in comparison to E Speed, and pushing him onto Perplex just costs another. Suddenly he’s a 47 point Perplexer with four clicks of life that really can’t hurt anybody…unless he’s been loaded up with feats putting his cost at 57 points or more for the same remaining four clicks of life. Granted his ES/D makes him a very hard to hit Perplexer, but considering the trouble he’ll have hitting or hurting the opposition, most will feel safe ignoring him until bigger threats have been carved up, deep fried, crammed into tiny buckets and served with a side of taters.

For 45 Points I’ll be happier with Experienced Speed Demon. He’s got one trick, he knows it and he likes it. He’s not the soup and the sandwich. He’s not a soup sandwich. He’s just the soup. He’s a Hypersonic harasser, who, once he gets lit up turns into an annoying little tie-up piece, just the way nature intended. He may never get that nine (9) attack that Jimmy has, but who cares? All he has to do is whiz down next to a fellow Sinister Syndicate member with better attack numbers than he’s got, take a swing and then whiz off. Lousy eight (8) attack value problem solved. Without the false promise of Perplex, there’s no reason or temptation to push him off his first and only money click. And if he does get zinged for three (3) damage, yeah, he’s still at that whizzy seven (7) attack with Flurry and one (1) damage click, but the upside is that there’s no wasted Perplex and he’s still got two clicks of life with which to be really irritating. For two (2) points less than Jimmy Sanders that feels like a bonus. The E has more Speed and less Whiz.

Quick and Dirty Price Tag
Right now James is going for around $15, but as the month wears on and more get flushed into the system his price will whiz down to below $10. Wait for it.

Thanks for reading! Next week? Symbiote!

11/02/2006, 13:40
Gotta disagree with you here. For 2 more points you get a better attack and defense starting out... definitely worth it. And at the cost of only one click of life you get mid-dial perplex... also worth it. Since he'll be hard to hit you may find the rest of the Squadron borrowin James' attack value instead of the other way around.

11/02/2006, 13:43
Great review. I'll probably use the LE and push to use the perplex on his teammates, AND I'll slap a Homing Device feat on James.

For my money, Homing Device works pretty good on this bugger, helping his teammates get the drop on stealthy figs...

But your points are valid and noted. I might lose a lot with this guy, but at least I'll have fun doing it.

11/02/2006, 13:55
As always, a great review with just the right amount of zippy spice.

11/02/2006, 14:09
For 50 points, I like more than one trick. In all honesty, he's gonna get hit eventually. So I'll take the le any day.

11/02/2006, 14:30
I would have to strongly disagree (the first time I have) with the choice of the E over the LE... every single click of the LE is more dangerous, whether defensively or offensively. Losing a click of life is all but meaningless when you consider how the effectiveness of this piece goes up. I would almost pay the extra click of life for the 16 defense at the end alone, nevermind the accessible perplex (pushing is not such a big deal) and improved opening numbers.

11/02/2006, 14:53
You mentioned several feats for him, but by far the most useful feat for this guy is NANOBOTS. with that card you can push off of your HSS clicks with impunity to hit and then perplex up your teammate's values for a second attack. the next time he goes, just nanobot him and he's right back to hypersonic.

i gotta say, I'll take the LE over the E any day of the week. That perplex is also good "Critical Miss Insurance"
If the E rolls snake eyes, he's 45 points of wasted space
If the LE rolls snake eyes, he just became a perplexing fiend.

11/02/2006, 16:47
Here are the dials if you don't feel like clicking :)

LE James Sanders
(#212): 47 points – Sinister Syndicate – 0 ~

E Speed Demon
(#071): 45 points – Sinister Syndicate – 0 ~

11/02/2006, 16:49
Wow, the E goes down to a 13 defense, whereas the LE's lowest base defense is 15. Combine that with Cornsilk's Nanobots combo, and johnny - we have a winner! I'll go with the shinier version every time.

11/02/2006, 16:57
I actually really like the Vet. I think he's only 49 points. Hypersonic , push to Hypersonic again and base a non-range non-flier...they have to hit a 19, and you get Flurry. You could feat him up but he's really effective just like that.

11/02/2006, 16:58
I gotta disagree as well, the difference between an 8 and a 9 attack can be big, and the difference between a 16 D and a 17 (18 vs 19 w/ ESD) is huge. The loss of a click of life is only big when hit by a like supes or Thor, which would be a one hit ko. Other than that, w/ his stat drops and loss of HSS really hurt either version, but at least James is gonna be harder to hit.

11/02/2006, 17:06
Great review, as always, but you forgot to mention that they're both terrible.

11/02/2006, 17:18
Great review, as always, but you forgot to mention that they're both terrible.

Well, yeah, if you want to put a real fine point on it. I was looking for a bright side with Speedy, even though it seems most readers prefer Jimmy.

11/02/2006, 17:24
A much better review than the one you wrote on the Michael Roth LE. That one was unintelligible. Still, I miss AZ's reviews. No offence, ol_Dut.

11/02/2006, 18:48
A much better review than the one you wrote on the Michael Roth LE. That one was unintelligible. Still, I miss AZ's reviews. No offence, ol_Dut.
While I understand your comment, I find it totally inapropiate. AZ wrote great reviews. ol_Dut writes great reviews. You are comparing apples and oranges. They both taste good but they just taste different.

Dut, keep doing the great work you do.

11/02/2006, 19:33
Just wanted to point out that Swingline won't help him ground fliers unless you are burning Perplex on his range. I know that's not why you would put Swingline on him in the first place though. :)

11/02/2006, 20:04
A much better review than the one you wrote on the Michael Roth LE. That one was unintelligible. Still, I miss AZ's reviews. No offence, ol_Dut.

azs never did LE reviews, really.

When the last LE guy dropped off the face of the earth, ol_Dut took the ball and ran with it. He's done an amazing job ever since -- clever, informative and insightful. I'd say he's at least as good, and often better.

Of course, I disagree with him in >this< particular piece... but we'll forgive him for that. :)


11/02/2006, 21:25
I'm gonna have to join everyone else, and say, unless you desperately need that 2 points for something else, Jimmy's the way to go every single time.

11/02/2006, 23:47
The LE gives you something that is more than a one trick pony. I like his higher DV, but not his higher AV (you need someone who is borrowing the AV for the Syndicate!)

That said he is the first chracter I would downsize on the team if I needed a few points.

11/03/2006, 00:53
People always seem to forget a great BFC for speedsters like this.

Astral Plane!

You don't get a plus one bonus like Swingline, but you get to run through the middle of the Collateral Damage map for free. I use it when I run Quicksilver or the Flashes. Just make sure to play it in a round that benifits you most, hopefully in a round where you opponent doesn't have a grounded speedster of their own.

11/03/2006, 00:55
Have to agree with the chorus, I would never play the E but the LE just makes it into my playability criteria (i.e., he has playable stats).

11/03/2006, 01:15
James is the only version for my Sinister Syndicate theme teams

better attack
better defense
can do a well timed push and get perplex

much better

11/03/2006, 01:35
I've got to say, the LE does seem better all around, minus that one click of life.
As the man says, "finger lickin' good" review, however.

11/03/2006, 02:28
azs never did LE reviews, really.

When the last LE guy dropped off the face of the earth, ol_Dut took the ball and ran with it. He's done an amazing job ever since -- clever, informative and insightful. I'd say he's at least as good, and often better.

Whoever that mysterious "last LE guy" might have been...


(Btw, good to see you around, RP)

Since both, Exp and the LE, really only take one hit before they are rendered basically useless, you might as well go with the LE's better starting stats. Just stay out of the way of that 5 Damage guys.

Apart from that, i agree with your assessment about the feats. He's expensive enough as he is, so it's probably best not to go overboard by throwing good points after bad ones with a load of cardboard.

the itsy bit
11/03/2006, 05:21

I'm goin for the LE James as well that 18 Defence on his end dial is really awesome !!

that higher AV is always usefull too..

11/03/2006, 07:28
Dut, keep doing the great work you do.

Hear, hear. Anyway if memory serves AZS never reviewed LEs anyway.

Not that thats the point.

Great review regardless (even though I think I would go for the LE too ;) ).

11/03/2006, 11:44
I agree that the LE is a one click wonder, but so is the E. The E is just as useless as the LE after he takes a hit. I'll pay the 2 extra points for the increased AV and DV.

11/04/2006, 00:00
I would like to disagree with the hoardes of people who say that the LE is better, however they are right. Better starting stats, better ending stats, a useful click to push to if necessary all for the price of a click of life.

If you place either of these in the line of fire of a 5 damage dealer there is probably a better game for you to play elsewhere.