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11/16/2006, 13:06

As the old saying goes, “The clothes make the man”, and the subject of today’s article epitomizes this in a way no other clix has to date. No simple set of duds, and not to be confused with Spidey’s black costume, the Symbiote is a parasitic life form that, after it’s time with Peter Parker, went on to make Venom the man he is. So who’s more fun, the living spandex or the live guy in spandex? A simple click and all the answers will be revealed.

11/16/2006, 13:15
Symbiote (LE #208 – Spider-Man)
Points: 55
Type: R+ Different
Clicks: 7
Range: 4
Targets: 1

(The dial generator still doesn’t like me, so if someone would be kind enough to post the dials, that would be spiffy.)

LE Symbiote’s Gains vs. Rookie Spider-Man
On his speed track, Symbiote adds one click of Flurry and Plasticity, and two of late-dial Phasing. From an attack perspective, Sybiote benefits from two clicks if 10 attack, one of which corresponds with Steal Energy. Defensively, two clicks of Toughness and one of Regeneration make an appearance, as do two clicks of three (3) damage and three clicks of the ever popular Battle Fury. Not to be overlooked is Symbiote’s additional click of life.

LE Symbiote’s Losses vs. Rookie Spider-Man
Upon first blush, the two most readily apparent losses include the departure of both the Arch Enemy base and the Spider-Man team ability. Numerically, nothing really suffers overmuch, but he does see a substantive drop in powers. Symbiote has to do without one fewer click each of Stealth and Shape Change, and two fewer of Super Strength, Combat Reflexes, and Leap/Climb.

Neutral Dial Tinkering
A couple of switcheroos contribute to making these two pieces very different. The LE has his Stealth on his first click, whereas the Rookie keeps his on the last two. Shape Change bookends Symbiote’s dial but is all together on the Rookies second through sixth clicks.

Cards That Work (other than ICWO and Nanobots)
Given his poor opening attack value (an 8), for five (5) points Ambush turns it into a 10 for a close combat attack. Automatic Regeneration is a possibility, but with Regen only appearing on his last click hitting it may be a bit of a long shot. However, doing a Phase-away push to land on Regen and then doing Auto Regen the following turn would be an interesting tactic. An ounce of prevention beating a pound of cure, Camouflage helps to keep him out of the cross-hairs on his four Shape Change clicks. And considering his stubby four (4) range, a little more of a Stealth-like power should go a long way in keeping him on the map. And for as much as it is overused, Armor Piercing may be the best bet for Symbiote, letting him make the most of his middling damage numbers, the lack of Super Strength, and that lonely click of Steal Energy should he be fortunate enough to land there.

Darkness or Deep Shadows will prevent him from getting ripped apart from a distance, but may also prove a huge hinderance for the rest of his team. And given Symbiotes relative lack of damage reducers, Armor Wars may help him get damage through almost as well as Armor Piercing but without that additional point cost. However, as with the previous two, this Battlefield Condition may do more harm than good to the rest of the team, so let the overall team make the decisions in this arena.

If ol_Dut had to Choose
LE Symbiote vs. Rookie Spider-Man? If last week’s was a tough choice, this week’s match-up is even more so. What I like about the Rookie is the fact that he starts with Super Strength as all good Spider-Men should, his best attack values are up front, and he’s Pounce-friendly. With a solid six (6) range and a wildcard TA, Spidey knows who he is, and in short he’s a very functional and somewhat disposable tertiary attacker who will likely be more of a pain deal with than he should be thanks to his late dial Combat Reflexes and Shape Change tandem. But his six (6) range is the nifty little bonus. While not as big and beefy as a 10 or a 12, it is just long enough to let him take a couple of pot shots as the situation allows all the while standing a chance of being just outside of many a figure’s charge range.

Symbiote is kind of a novelty - the "Tutti Fruitti" of clix. He's interesting, he's fun enough, but once you get beneath the surface there isn't as much substabce there as all the bluster would make you imagine. The LE wants to be a bit of a ranged combatant, just like his little bro, but upon closer inspection, he can’t really pull it off. Stealth makes him look like a sniper, but with a four range, anyone with an ounce of Charge and bad attitude will be up in his grill toot sweet. ES/D on clicks two and three will yell “Keep me out of close combat”, but remember his four (4) range? His ranged combat is close combat for all intents and purposes. And by the time he hits click four, Battle Fury makes him a close Combat piece anyway, so let’s just cast off all dispersions of ranged combat all together, shall we?

So if he’s not going to be our man with the plan on the grassy knoll, who – or what – is he? In the beginning, he’s someone to hide behind whilst getting set up. Once he’s finished providing cover for the guys who are really going to get things done, he’s free to be a terribly annoying tie-up piece with a 17 defense, Super Senses and Shape Change. For those keeping score that’s three great ways to whiff on him on just one click. All the while he’s free to swing away for straight damage or the ever popular close combat Incap. One good hit lands him squarely onto better attack values, and if he’s equipped with Armor Piercing he may just be able to do something with them. After that, he’s just a hit or a push or two away from his Phase-away to Regen trick so that the fun can begin anew.

After all this, the answer is clear – take ‘em both. They are very different pieces and to be honest, one would never ask, “Do I play Rookie Spidey or Symbiote? “ As different as the two are they are certainly not interchangeable, each lending itself to it’s own separate and distinct strategy. For certain teams, I’ll take R Spidey, for others it’ll be Symbiote getting the nod, so best to just be prepared and have both at the ready to handle whatever need arises.

Quick and Dirty Price Tag
Being somewhat of a novelty is helping to keep the Symbiote’s price between $10 - $15.

Next week, Kraven the Spider! Thanks for reading!

11/16/2006, 13:38
Range: 4 /
Team: None
55 pts

Rookie Spider-Man
Range: 6 /
Team: Spider-Man
51 pts

11/16/2006, 13:44
Great review. I guess it really depends on your mood to choose him over the rookie. Nice one.:cool:

11/16/2006, 13:48
Another great review. You've saved me mucho dinero from going after LE's that don't add much to the game. Looks like I'll have to pursue this one, though. :cool:

Buckeye Born
11/16/2006, 13:50
Another good review ol_Dut. Symbiote is a pretty decent figure for his point cost...now if I could only attain one.

11/16/2006, 15:56
Good review

11/16/2006, 15:58
Used him last week. Camo made him fun but the poor range prett ymuch means he has to get into melee. Luckily SC and SS anda good def helps him stay alive.

11/16/2006, 16:57
I want to play him with Camo, Ambush and Piercing, but it's probably not worth it to put 23 points of feats on him. Hmm...

11/16/2006, 18:56
Nice review!
I actually won the Symbiote, but traded him for LE Venom. I like his opening dial of stealth, SS and shape change and relatively low cost, but an 8 attack and 4 range and no damage reducers really turned me off.

11/16/2006, 20:06
Great Review as always Ol_Dut. It is a really tough choice to make the Symbiote as an "Abbey Chase" like tie up piece or The Rook as a pouncer. That's all either of these dials really scream at me.

But the Symbiote will at least look good on my shelf.

11/17/2006, 11:32
Thanks for the review, good as always. :classic:

Regardless of how good or bad the dial for this LE is I really think that it was a great idea.
Im not too keen on LEs that render their REV counterparts redundant (Norman Osborn, FF Sue Storm) but I do love when they do something different.
When the LE represents an entirely different character like Symbiote or John Walker I love it :classic: