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04/12/2007, 13:02
And you think your Ex is nuts…

The Vision has been associated with the Avengers since 1968. Created by Ultron to go after Hank Pym, Vision went against his “father’s” wishes and ended up joining the Avengers. Over the past nearly 40 years, this artificial lifeform has gotten married, separated, dated a few other Avengers, had some fake children, and after coming full circle and “giving birth” to a few Ultrons of his own, She-Hulk ripped him in half. Vision first arrived in Marvel’s inaugural HeroClix set, where he was a veritable model of dial stability, but now Supernova gives several new versions of him, including LE Victor Shade. Should he get played or cleft in twain? Click on “Read More” to begin the dissection.

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04/12/2007, 13:02
Here are the dials for today’s subjects.

Data's not the only one who's "fully functional".

#209 LE Victor Shade
Team: Avengers
Range: 8 /
Points: 91

#062 E Vision
Team: Avengers
Range: 8 /
Points: 108

LE Victor Shade’s Gains vs. Experienced Vision
Victor gains one click of Stealth to open his dial, and one mid-dial click of Running Shot. Defensively, Super Senses hangs around for two additional clicks and he adds two of Energy Shield/Deflection, a power that Experienced Vision doesn’t have. His damage values also receive a boost, with two more clicks of three (3) damage and two more of two (2) damage. His “cool factor” is also increased since he possess a transparent sculpt like Veteran Vision rather than the Experienced’s regular painted version.

LE Victor Shade’s Losses vs. Experienced Vision
As with the gains, the list of losses is short. In order to get down to his fighting weight of 91 points, Shadey jettisons Super Strength, Psychic Blast, Invulnerability, and Exploit Weakness. He also has one less click of Perplex and Toughness.

Couldn’t Bendis have ripped the Scarlet Witch in half
and saved us all a lot of trouble?

Neutral Dial Tinkering
Experienced Vision keeps his Incapacitate in the middle of his dial, while Shadey puts his all the way at the bottom. Shadey’s Perplex is placed on his first two clicks, but Vision splits his up at the top and bottom of his dial.

Cards That Work
At a lean 91 points, Victor Shade is ready to deliver as is, with no modifications being truly necessary to field him. However, based on your proclivities, you may see fit to outfit him with Coordination. If teamed with fellow Avengers, he can shoot through his teammates and blast the bad guys. The Stealth on his first click should keep him safe from the return fire allowed by the feat. And while I an hesitant to recommend it, Nanobots has to be considered – that card has Victor’s picture on it after all. As long as the feat is used in the first half of his dial, he can push mercilessly and get back to his first click. Those who opt to use it later will only get back to click five – a nice click mind you, but nowhere near as fun as his first.

Infiltration can wring some more value out of his lone Stealth click. When that BFC is in play he can start the game in hindering terrain within five squares of his starting area. Considering his eight (8) range, this provides a modest tactical advantage. Lastly, if Victor posses Nanobots, Debris is a must. A significant increase in the number of objects provides more opportunities for Victor to heal himself.

If ol_Dut had to Choose
LE Victor Shade vs. Experienced Vision? Experienced Vision has a number of entertaining and valuable powers like Psychic Blast, Exploit Weakness and Super Strength. Victor strips these powers in favor of Stealth, top-loaded Perplex, and a reduced point cost. And while these figures are both pretty solid and are in fact reasonably similar, it’s Victor’s first click that primarily sways my decision.

Victor opens with Stealth, a 10 attack, and the potential to do four (4) clicks of damage at range with Perplex. For a figure in his point range, that’s right where he needs to be. While Experienced Vision may be more mobile starting with Phasing, once he moves up he’s a sitting duck with a relatively mundane 17 Toughness defense that won’t serve very effectively as either a deterrent or protection. Stealth solves that problem, enabling Victor to move up safely and shield his teammates at the same time.

Also worth noting is that when Running Shot appears on Victor’s dial, it is accompanied first by rebounding attack numbers and then by climbing damage values. Where Running Shot appears on their dials is also critical. With the Vision, RS arrives on clicks two and three. Any real hit is likely to spin him past those RS clicks and land him squarely back onto Phasing. Victor has his RS on clicks four through six, making his odds of actually using the power much greater.

The final determining factor is how the figures are intended to be used. Vision’s dial, ripe with Super Strength and Exploit Weakness, suggests that he’s a close combat piece. Since he’s a flier, even his Psychic Blast will work in close quarters. However, his defensive numbers and powers fail him in this regard. A 17 is not that difficult to hit, and Toughness will not prevent enough damage from another figure with Super Strength, a heavy object and even a modest damage value. One good hit knocks him past his Invulnerability and his mobility. And then look out for those two clicks with one (1) damage. Yikes.

Conversely, Victor’s dial screams, “Let me hang back and blast away from range.” It starts with his opening Stealth click. By mid-dial, ES/D appears, closely followed by Running Shot. Neither of these powers amount to much in close combat, so he must stay out of those situations and use his range. Further, keeping him in hindering terrain provides him a slight boost to his defensive values, and given the 15, 14’s and 13 on his last four clicks, Victor needs all the help he can get in that department. So does the Vision, but since he has to base the opposition to use his Exploit Weakness, he won’t get any, and his final clicks run the risk of spinning by very quickly. That’s why Victor Shade is my choice.

In a broader sense, considering all Vision figures, Rookie Vision is likely the best of the bunch for his points. When a slightly bigger Vision is required, Victor Shade still gets the nod for all the reasons above. And when I absolutely positively have to have a Vision over 100 points, I’ll break out that old Infinity Challenge Unique Vision. He’s got better attack values on every single click, and even with the addition of a few feats like Armor Piercing and Nanobots, he still costs less than the Supernova Vet (who could use a little feat help himself). Those would be my Visions for any occasion.

OK. So “The Vision” is kind of a lame name.
But at least I’m not “The Smell”.

Quick and Dirty Price Tag
Victor started out rather pricey, but now can be had for less than $15 – which isn’t a bad price for a 39-year-old synthezoid.

ol_Dut's Soapbox
And Mr. Kurt Vonnegut, wherever you are, thank you for the stories. You showed us at our best, our worst, and our most absurd, but you never left us without hope. Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt. Rest in peace.

Kurt Vonnegut
Novemer 11, 1922 - April 11, 2007

That’s all for this week. Next time, it’s Arthur Douglas under the microscope. See you in seven. Thanks for reading!

04/12/2007, 13:40
Nice review! Now I just have to trade for MY love machine...

04/12/2007, 14:13
I have the LE victor shade in my hand right now and his first 2 clicks have super senses not toughness just so you know.

04/12/2007, 14:13
Great review ol_Dut. I personally think the rookie is the best of the bunch as well for the points.

Although I would consider Victor Shade simply because there aren't many fliers with Stealth, plus Perplex (especially on him) is always useful. Now if I only HAD Victor... grumble grumble. :p

04/12/2007, 14:17
I expected a rapping review, ol' Dut... :(

04/12/2007, 14:23
I was waiting for this review. Looks like Vic is right up my alley. Also, thank you for not calling him Slim Shadey. :laugh:

04/12/2007, 14:24
I play with the old Vision, but once I get Victor, I will be switching out.

04/12/2007, 14:25
Although I would consider Victor Shade simply because there aren't many fliers with Stealth, plus Perplex (especially on him) is always useful. Now if I only HAD Victor... grumble grumble. :p

I second that all the way. Now, to find someone who doesn't want theirs. . . :ermm:

Oh yeah, nice review ol_Dut.

04/12/2007, 14:28
*Disclaimer: this has nothing to do with The Vision*

I'm sad at the loss of my favorite author. I hope his last novel (If God were Alive Today), finished or not, gets published posthumously.

04/12/2007, 14:35
Thank you for the reviews! (In this case, I would have like to see the rookie dial spelled out here too, since this LE is squarely in between the R and E, in points and play strategy)

The LE has a nice change from Phasing into Running Shot, giving a strategic-minded player a reason to push to Phase/TAXI from click 3 to 4. I also like the more-simpleminded strategy of the LE (i.e. try not to get based!)

Finally, I want to say that I appreciate each of the new Visions from the POV of team-building. The ClixAvengers, despite having some great low-cost figures, have been burdenned with a significant number of 100+ point fliers. The lower cost Visions are great for 300-point theme purposes.

I only wish that one of these Visions had been named "Iron Lad"!

04/12/2007, 14:40
I like Victor a lot in that if you add Nanobots and Thunderbolts, you're still a few points under the Exp version, but you get a lot more bang for your buck.

Personally, I'd Thunderbolt to MOE and go to town.

04/12/2007, 16:11
Awesome review, as per usual, Dut!
And thanks for mentioning Mr. Vonnegut's passing. How funky is it that (before I heard the news) I just couldn't get Vonnegut's 'Cat's Cradle' out of my head yesterday. Very odd. I gotta sit down and re-read that bad boy one of these days. Ice Nine... Whoa...
But until then, I'll have my Victor Shade LE to play with. I really lucked out and won him against some very stiff competition at my venue last week, and plan to use Victor a bunch (but more than the divine R-Vision? Hmmm. Difficult to see... Always in motion is the future...).
It's really great that EVERY version of Vision (say that ten times fast) is a fun and (at the LEAST) moderately effective piece to use. And the wonderful sculpt is just the cherry on the top of a big pile of yummy, gooey icing on the cake. Dig in!
Thanks for taking the time to craft another one of your patented excellent reviews. Be well,

04/12/2007, 16:23
Excellent review. I have the rookie and experienced versions but now I really want the LE.

04/12/2007, 16:49
ol_Dut's Soapbox
And Mr. Kurt Vonnegut, wherever you are, thank you for the stories. You showed us at our best, our worst, and our most absurd, but you never left us without hope. Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt. Rest in peace.

Kurt Vonnegut
Novemer 11, 1922 - April 11, 2007

So it goes.

Also, great review, as always.

04/12/2007, 17:22
I'll second.. or third or whatever the review.. Great review... I got my Victor Shade last night after a lucky and Hard fought battle (with lots of great help from my final opponent Dakota2060 (wizkids id)) Had to play a 400 point team - all figs had to have phasing on the dail.... I got lucky, and when I spun the dail of Victor Shade this morning finally I was pleased as punch with the fig... So I'll definitely be playing him sometime, just not tomorrow - when I hopefully watch the batman team smack at least one alien or predator (that Ol_dut is planning to bring).

04/12/2007, 19:08
Y'know, this is why I love your reviews.

I was looking at my Victor Shade and actually wondering, "Okay, aside from the starting stealth what's the difference here? Am I really going to want him?" And the answer is, "Yes, I do want him, and here's why." :grin:

04/13/2007, 03:57
R.I.P. Kurt. Finally to the slaughterhouse.

04/13/2007, 06:04
Great review as ever, thanks again. When I got my hands on Victor I immediately knew that whenever I get the urge to put a "fully functional" robot Avenger on the map it will be him.

The cheap price tag is gravy. In my opinion Vic renders the REV nearly redundant (almost as much as the Norman Osborn LE did for the Green Goblin REV).

04/13/2007, 11:30
I was waiting for this review. Looks like Vic is right up my alley. Also, thank you for not calling him Slim Shadey. :laugh:

You're outta luck, because I'm going to be doing that from now on.


04/18/2007, 15:20
Also, thank you for not calling him Slim Shadey. :laugh:

There are lines even I won't cross. Not many, mind you, but there are lines.