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Dr. Morbius
02/15/2010, 15:39


In the 1970s and early 1980s, Angel, Beast, and Iceman wandered through various superhero teams.
When Xavier recruited students from all over the world the original five
reunited and created a new X-Team: X-Factor.
After five years the team was overhauled and saw many different rosters after that. Which of those can be recreated in Heroclix you ask?

Well...click on Full Article and find out...

Dr. Morbius
02/15/2010, 15:40
Starting with the original X-Factor team that was also the first class of X-Men.
However the original members regrouped as X-Factor with brand new costumes and a brand new attitude (at least Archangel).
Here they are in their 400 points comic accurate Clix versions:


dr001 V Cyclops
Team: X-Men
Range: 10 :bolt:
Points: 40
Keywords: Mutant, X-Factor

dr004 V Jean Grey
Team: X-Men
Range: 6 :bolt:
Points: 50
Keywords: Mutant, Psychic, X-Factor

mu034 V Archangel
Team: X-Men
Range: 4 :bolt:
Points: 95
Keywords: Mutant, X-Factor, X-Men
:m-wing: Fly-By: Archangel can use Charge. When he does, he can continue to use the rest of his halved movement (if any) after making the attack.

mu029 V Iceman
Team: X-Men
Range: 6 :bolt::bolt:
Points: 100
Keywords: Champions, Mutant, X-Men
:d-normal: Slippery: Iceman can use Toughness. When an opposing character moves and becomes adjacent to Iceman, roll a d6. On a result of 1-3, the character is immediately knocked back from Iceman a number of squares equal to the result, in a direction of your choosing.

xp057 V Beast
Team: X-Men
Range: 0 :bolt:
Points: 80
Keywords: Scientist, X-Men

You can round out to 395 points by adding
Elite Sniper - 20 points - on Cyclops
Force Field - 10 points - on Jean Grey


The team's members were replaced by a very odd choice of heroes in issue #71.
Now the team was lead by Cyke's brother Havok and included his spouse []Polaris[/I], Strong Guy, Wolfsbane and the infamous Multiple Man.

mm039 V Havok
Team: X-Men
Range: 8 :bolt:
Points: 44
Keywords: X-Factor, Starjammers, X-Men

mm031 R Polaris
Team: X-Men
Range: 6 :bolt:
Points: 50
Keywords: X-Factor, X-Men

mu005 E Strong Guy
Team: X-Men
Range: 0 :bolt:
Points: 124
Keywords: Mutant, X-Factor
:d-normal: Bodyguard: Strong Guy can use Defend and Toughness.

ic029 E Wolfsbane
Team: X-Men
Range: 0 :bolt:
Points: 32
Keywords: Animal, X-Factor

sn205 LE James Madrox
Team: X-Men
Range: 0 :bolt:
Points: 39
Keywords: Mutant

sn051 V Madrox
Team: No Affiliation
Range: 0 :bolt:
Points: 44
Keywords: Detective, Mutant, X-Factor

sn050 E Multiple Man
Team: X-Men
Range: 0 :bolt:
Points: 32
Keywords: Mutant, X-Factor

sn049 R Multiple Man
Team: X-Men
Range: 0 :bolt:
Points: 17
Keywords: Mutant

sn049 R Multiple Man
Team: X-Men
Range: 0 :bolt:
Points: 17
Keywords: Mutant

There's a good reason he is called the Multiple Man, right? So 1 point shy of the 400 there's neither space nor need for cardboard.
Want a comic accurate looking Strong Guy?
Try a repaint like the one I did:


With so many possible rosters for the gouvernment sponsored team of mutants...what is your choice?
Post, and let us know...and don't forget to be back in 14 days!

02/15/2010, 15:50
I love your comic accurate articles! The Peter David version was always my fav. Depending on how many points I can use, I always include Quicksilver, Val Cooper(pog) and sometimes Forge.
Since Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths will be available on DVD next week(02/23/10), do you plan on doing an article about The Crime Syndicate? Just curious. :classic:

02/15/2010, 16:02
I would replace the LE and R Multiplemen on the second team (which is one of my favorites to play). In their place I would put 2 Exp Multiplemen for their perplex, which brings more to this team that the LE and R do as close combat tie up pieces. The remaining 10 pts can be used for Armor piercing on Havok to make EE more effective or Forcefield on Polaris to keep her in the game longer. Making the swap also give a theme team bonus for the X-factor key word.

02/15/2010, 16:04
Great article. Waiting for the time when I can make a comic-accurate X-Factor Investigations team. Peter David is still the man!

02/15/2010, 16:24
Big fan of the Peter David X-Factor. Honestly I'd rather use the old IC Quicksilver over the Wolfsbane. She's just terrible. And I'd also drop the rook and LE Madri in favor of several of the Experienced.

I like Outsmart on the vet Multiple Man, too.

02/15/2010, 16:31
Yeah he might not be on that cover but Quicksilver was diffenently on that new X-Factor team. Surprised you didn't go to the Forge, Mystique, Sabretooth, Wildchild, Shard, etc. X-Factor, and on to the new X-Factor.

02/15/2010, 16:57
The original X Factor team had lots of morlocks and teens on it too, most notably Boom Boom. You can have a pretty random group of mutants and still call it a theme.

02/15/2010, 16:58
I love the Strong Guy mod btw!

02/15/2010, 17:00
Yay! Great article! I feel the need to play it!

Ultim8 Avenger
02/15/2010, 17:24
pretty snazzy read. thx for the write-up.

02/15/2010, 18:06
good article :)

ive done a strong guy mod (http://www.flickr.com/photos/blubeard/1229029909/in/set-72157601643830884/)

and modded the entire X-factor team in their original line-up costumes (http://www.flickr.com/photos/blubeard/1229894476/in/set-72157601643830884/)

02/15/2010, 18:08
Man I cant wait until we get decent, powerful versions of Cyclops and Jean Grey.
I love the AoA Jean, but I want a 616 version that plays well by todays standards.

02/15/2010, 18:17
X-Factor was the cover of my first Heroclix fanzine...this was even before Iceman was made...so I am happy to see them mentioned here.

02/15/2010, 20:06
Ah, X-Factor. The best X-spinoff ever and one of my favorite teams to run.

I've played the original team before, at 300 without cards using the starter set and M&M Iceman because under the current rules, you can't actually get them to 400 *and* be comic accurate. Starter set Cyclops, Jean, Beast, M&M Archangel and Iceman all come out to 345. So with the 10% rule, you'll be 15 points short. Maybe throw in R Boom-Boom as one of the kids they rounded up.

But then we get to the most awesome lineup and the least awesome lineups: The PAD run and the post AoA Howard Mackie run (respectively). I've won tournaments with both.

PAD's X-Factor at 600 points (http://www.hcrealms.com/forum/showpost.php?p=4169420&postcount=178)

Mackie's X-Factor at 400 points (with 400 points of Marauders) (http://www.hcrealms.com/forum/showpost.php?p=4231470&postcount=256)

02/15/2010, 21:15
I love the Strong Guy mod btw!

yeah, props for that - very cool!

one nitpicky note though - Havok and Polaris never got married. They came close once, during Chuck Austen's run, but like everything else that happened during that time, it's best forgotten....

02/15/2010, 21:33
I just wish they'd given the newest Iceman "X-Factor" keyword. :( I'm totally cool with running Cyke, Jean, and Beast from the Danger Room box, and I like the new Archangel--but Iceman? The only Iceman figures with the keyword are three of the four old Xplosion pieces--the E, V, and LE. :( I guess the V's ok. The old R and E Cyke from Infinity are fine, too, but the costume's wrong. Sigh. . . .

ALTHOUGH! You can do this! Play them under the X-Men keyword at 400 points!

78 Cyclops vet
85 Phoenix unique
95 Archangel
100 Iceman
42 Beast rookie
400 points of awesome :)

02/15/2010, 21:35
The original X-Factor team presented here is okay, but at 400 points it's way overcosted and it's not even a theme team. Take out those versions of Iceman and Beast, replace them with Beast from Danger Room and the veteran Iceman from Xplosion and it comes in as an X-Factor theme team for 292 points. Voila!

02/15/2010, 23:08
I love the Strong Guy mod btw!

Ditto, well done and love the article.

time well spent,


02/16/2010, 03:36
I ran the #71 team ever since Madrox came out in Sinister.....I had someone mod a strong guy onto a "Black King" dial (and adding the Vet Quicksilver) and that was that!!! Polaris always kicked ###, Quicksilver always was an awesome harrasser piece....and Vet Havok, let's just say I surprised quite a few by once rolling a crit hit on his end dial pulsewave!!!!

P.S. My # 1 clix "want" had been Strong Guy ever since Sinister set.......so when we finally got him....YIPPEE!!!!

P.S.S....Issue 71 of X-Factor was the BOMB!!!!! the whole opening 5-6 pages with the Grey Poupon/Mayo jars were classic!!!! (gotta be the best "non-action, team banter sequence of all-time!!)

Dr. Morbius
02/16/2010, 08:49
I love your comic accurate articles! The Peter David version was always my fav. Depending on how many points I can use, I always include Quicksilver, Val Cooper(pog) and sometimes Forge.
Since Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths will be available on DVD next week(02/23/10), do you plan on doing an article about The Crime Syndicate? Just curious. :classic:

Hey, thanks a lot for the positive feedback :)
The comic accurate DC articles every other week are written by lancelot, so you should ask him.

I Am The Game
02/16/2010, 09:31
If you're going to field a Wolfsbane, it has to be the LE, Rahne Sinclair. The tactic in the good old days was to TK (used to be Jean) twice in a row, and use Rahne's X-Men TA to heal the push. Now she's off her activation click with 10 AV and BCF, ready to be TKed into battle.

02/16/2010, 10:54
I love how the Multiple Man REV + pog was 100 points.

02/16/2010, 11:07
That... is an expensive Multiple Man team.

Not like chase expensive or anything just... those aren't cheap figs... Wish we'd get another set of MM figs soon. I only pulled the Rookie three years ago.

But I love the teams. I remember being a kid and hopping the fence to 7-11 to grab cards. Cyke in his X-Factor costume was always a cool one for me because he was the only hero I knew back then that had red hair like me.

02/16/2010, 11:08
Yeah, people tend to horde them. I think I traded a chase zombie to fill out my collection of Multiple Men.

02/16/2010, 21:49
I would love to see a article dedicated to The JLA&The JSA!!!

Thanks for these great articles by the way :)

02/17/2010, 00:06
That... is an expensive Multiple Man team.

For 100 Points you are getting outwit, perplex and some good mastermind fodder. Mobility is the only real issue, and there are some nice late dial suprises.

02/17/2010, 18:39
My favorite X-factor to play is when it's above 500 points.
V Havok - 44
V Polaris - 76
Strong Guy - 124
V Quicksilver - 105
V Wolfsbane - 39
V Madrox - 44
E Multiple Man - 32
R Multiple Man - 17
BT Jaime Madrox - 7
BT Val Cooper -7
= 495

Just then I MM swarm adding in 3 E Multiple Men per 100 points. Personally I don't use the LE when running an X-factor team since it's supposed to be from his first appearance well before his X-factor time.

Side note: It's stupid that the Rookie doesn't have the X-factor keyword. It obviously wasn't supposed to be a traditional REV.

Effective? No. Fun, heck yes.

03/31/2010, 13:28
Hey I haven't played in a few years so I'm a little hazy on a few things but I like this team. I was wondering what the rules are for theme teams, especially the 10% rule. Also I was wondering what kind of strategy you would use if you fielded the Multiple man x-factor team from the first thread. I was thinking of adjusting it a little, by putting armor piercing on havok, removing the V and Le multiple man and putting 4 R in and 2 E with possible a paramedic representing Val cooper's assistance (I don't have the pog)