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07/18/2010, 03:20
The Avengers
Arsenalroy2k here again, still filling in for Dr. Morbius. This week, we're looking at a specific era in the timeline of one of comics' biggest teams. We're going to focus on the Avengers from the 1990's!

Ah, the 90's. It was a simpler era. When comics had chromium hologram covers; when superheroes had the words "night", "blood", or "dark" in their names; when comics had so much cheesecake they had to roll out their own swimsuit issues! Good times. But in this era of absolutely crass collector commercialism, there were some solid comics that were very underrated. Writer Bob Harras and artist Steve Epting had been collaborating for some time now on The Avengers, but it was during their run that they took the focus off some of the bigger names in The Avengers and concentrated more on the second and third tier members dealing with their more personal relationships. Plus, the Avengers got matching jackets and Black Knight got a lightsaber, how cool is that?

07/21/2010, 13:51

Anyways, Harras and Epting were around well before the lineup we're going to use and Harras stuck around well after (right up until the title ended to make way for Heroes Reborn). But to keep this comic accurate team-building exercise at a manageable level, we're going to stick with the roster between after Thor left up to around when Black Knight and Sersi left. This team will fall somewhere between issues #357 and #375.

ff005 E Black Knight
Team: Avengers
Range: 0 :bolt:
Points: 64
Keywords: Avengers, Defenders, Martial Artist, Scientist

ct056 E Black Widow
Team: Avengers
Range: 4 :bolt:
Points: 41
Keywords: Avengers, Champions, Martial Artist, S.H.I.E.L.D.

aw085 U Crystal
Team: Fantastic Four
Range: 8 :bolt:
Points: 62
Keywords: Avengers, Fantastic Four, Inhumans

si016 U Hercules
Team: Avengers
Range: 0 :bolt:
Points: 142
Keywords: Avengers, Champions, Deity, Warrior
(Speed) Wrestler: Hercules can use Charge, Flurry, and Plasticity.

(Attack) Godlike Strength: Hercules can use Super Strength. He can carry two objects at the same time if they are both standard objects; he can use only one object per attack.

cm089 U Sersi
Team: Avengers
Range: 8 :bolt:
Points: 76
Keywords: Avengers, Eternal, Past, Psychic

sv063 V Vision
Team: Avengers
Range: 10 :bolt:
Points: 137
Keywords: Avengers, Robot, Young Avengers

ha040 R Captain America
Team: Avengers
Range: 8 :bolt::bolt:
Points: 72
Keywords: Avengers, Martial Artist, S.H.I.E.L.D., Soldier
(Attack) Deflection Trajectory: Captain America's line of fire is blocked only by walls and indoor blocking terrain.

av038 R Giant-Man
Team: Avengers
Range: 0 :bolt:
Points: 82
Keywords: Avengers, Scientist, West Coast Avengers
(Damage) Genius: Giant-Man can use Perplex, but can target only himself or a friendly character within 4 squares and he can modify a combat value only by +2 with each use.

"Gann Josin" roughly translates to "A couple so bad, even The Ultraverse didn't want them".

Now this build comes out to 676 points. In this case, I wanted to leave myself a little leeway for some feats. Now this works out because since all the characters have the Avengers keyword, I'm going with Brilliant Tactician for Vision just so he can give everyone a little boost with his Perplex. Though with 24 points left, you can certainly have more options. Three Protecteds? Lunge and Unstoppable for Hercules? Or maybe put Nova Blast on Crystal and force your opponent to spread out to avoid Sersi flinging her out with TK for a long bomb?

And if you want to downgrade Black Knight to the Rookie, that'll shave some more points off, but between him and Widow, those are going to be two fairly ineffective pieces, traded out to make some other figures a little more beefy. But hey, they'll probably serve as the guys you'll just be using for your theme team Probability Control usage. And with this lineup, you'll have a good mix of ranged and close combat fighters, but if you're going up against any Stealth-based teams, do yourself a favor and protect Cap. Though don't be afraid to push Giant-Man a few times, since it might be a little more beneficial to get his +2 Perplex.

Next week, no teams with Hercules and Black Widow. I promise. But we will hang around the 90's a little longer.

07/22/2010, 00:29
why, dear god, why am i a sucker for this period in the Avengers history?... i kinda like this era of the Avengers -- even after all these years... those jackets!... the hairstyles!...

07/22/2010, 02:34
It was indeed an awesome era. And sadly, I doubt we'll ever see it translated into Clix: whether it's a Black Knight with lightsaber, jacket and five o'clock shadow; a whited-out Vision; a Proctor/Magdalene duo; or a Marilla bystander.

Carbon Rod
07/22/2010, 08:04
I feel like if they ever re-do a Black Knight it'll be this version. It's pretty identifiable for the character and you can make a pretty sweet click out of it. In the middle of his push to the top of the Avengers mid-card before he got stuck in the Ultraverse where he was main eventer ... but that's like going from the WWE to main eventing TNA. Who wants that?

07/22/2010, 18:33
I think the Black Knight you've got is a bit weak, especially when compared to the one we've already got.

Also, if the Black Knight were going to get a remake, i'd think it's probably going to be from MI:13. :D

07/23/2010, 16:13
I have that issue. I distinctly remember Thunderstrike in there. Although all he accomplished in doing was failing, nontheless.

07/26/2010, 07:32
I think the Black Knight you've got is a bit weak, especially when compared to the one we've already got.

Also, if the Black Knight were going to get a remake, i'd think it's probably going to be from MI:13. :D

Oh I'm so hoping for some more MI-13 figures. I've converted up a Blade for my brother's last birthday (which reminds me, I really should get that picture up in my gallery soon) but I would love some official clix. And if they did a new Black Knight I may have to convert one to his look in this era; I too loved that jacket look. I seem to remember the X-Men adopting a similar look at the same time. Hmm, more conversions to do... :p