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11/29/2010, 11:27
The Secret Defenders


Arsenalroy2k here, bringing us back to the 90's again. Last time we visited this era of awesomeness, we looked at Bob Harras' fondly remembered run on The Avengers and also Generation Next. This time, we're looking at a quasi-revival of The Defenders series, with a twist: It was never the same team twice.

11/30/2010, 11:37
In 1993, Marvel launched a series where Doctor Strange, our favorite Sorcerer Supreme, would team up with a variety of heroes for jobs that were apparently just too big for him on his own. The introduction of his "Secret Defenders" was in issue fifty of the Doc's own series, when he teamed with Hulk, Ghost Rider and The Silver Surver. A month later in Fantastic Four #374, Doc reunited The New Fantastic Four for another mission. These both introduced the audience to the revolving door concept where people were selected by Doc for the skills they brought to the job.

Once the series kicked off, Doc's run as leader lasted all of eleven issues (four storylines) before the title had its first major shakeup. Thanos took over for a couple issues, leading his hand-picked team of super-villains. After him, Dr. Druid took over for the remaining eleven issues, now with a pair of regular team members and only a couple of rotating guest stars.

Unfortunately, there's several lineups from this book that can't be made because the figures don't exist. Characters like Nomad, Sleepwalker, Dr. Druid and Nitro haven't been made yet, and I wouldn't hold my breath expecting later additions like Shadowoman and Cadaver to make a set list anytime soon. But there are a few rosters we can make. Actually, there's five, but two of those are the ones from Dr. Strange #50 and the Fantastic Four appearances and I want to focus on the actual series (to say nothing of the fact that my predecessor Dr. Morbius already covered The New Fantastic Four).

Our first lineup came from issues #6-8. It consisted of Doc, Captain America, Spider-Man and Scarlet Witch.

No! No... not XANDU! Tremble before his Shake-Weight of doom!!!

si033 V Dr. Strange
Team: Spider-Man
Range: 10 :bolt::bolt:
Points: 149
Keywords: Avengers, Defenders, Illuminati, Midnight Sons, Mystical
(Special) Eye of Agamatto: Dr. Strange ignores the effects of characters and hindering terrain (including team abilities that give hindering terrain bonuses) when determining line of fire.
(Speed) Winds of Watoomb: Dr. Strange can use Phasing/Teleport and Quake.
(Damage) Wand of Watoomb: Dr. Strange can use Perplex. When Dr. Strange uses Perplex, you can roll a d6; on a result of 5 or 6, you can modify the target's chosen combat value by +2 or -2.

ha040 R Captain America
Team: Avengers
Range: 8 :bolt::bolt:
Points: 72
Keywords: Avengers, Martial Artist, S.H.I.E.L.D., Soldier
(Attack) Deflection Trajectory: Captain America's line of fire is blocked only by walls and indoor blocking terrain.

si001 E Spider-Man
Team: Spider-Man
Range: 6 :bolt:
Points: 50
Keywords: Avengers, Fantastic Four, Reporter, Scientist
(Attack) Web-Punch: Spider-Man can use Flurry. If he makes two successful attacks against the same target using Flurry, instead of dealing damage with the second attack he can instead give an action token to the target if it has zero or one action token.

ic103 R Scarlet Witch
Team: The Brotherhood
Range: 4 :bolt:
Points: 29
Keywords: Avengers, Brotherhood of Mutants

This lineup comes out to 300 points on the dot. And the added bonus of them all sharing the same Avengers keyword will save you the trouble of having to get this group house ruled.

But if you want to pump this roster up to 400 points so you can throw some feats in there, I'd recommend swapping out the Secret Invasion version of Spidey with the new Web of Spider-Man Buy it by the Brick figure and then swap Scarlet Witch with the Vet from Fantastic Forces. Sounds weird, but if you consider that barn-sized Spidey will be getting an 18 defense from the Doc (not counting any hindering bonus) while blocking your opponents from seeing Cap and Doc, who can shoot through/over him, then it sounds pretty neat. Plus, Wild Carding Scarlet Witch's Ultimates TA will give Spidey's special power of a range of six a little more help. You might not get the theme bonus (unless you're very convincing), but it could be practical based on the lineup.

Our second roster came from issues #9-10. Doc now teams up with Thunderstrike, War Machine and Silver Surfer. We'll stick with the same figure of Doc from before, the Secret Invasion one, but here's the rest of the team:

Everyone that still has a book in 2010 take a step forward! Whoa, not so fast, everyone pictured!

sv077 E Silver Surfer
Team: Defenders
Range: 10 :bolt::bolt:
Points: 189
Archenemy: Thanos (Grey)
Keywords: Herald, Defenders

ha200 U War Machine
Team: No Affiliation
Range: 10 :bolt::bolt:
Points: 137
Keywords: Avengers, West Coast Avengers, Force Works, Soldier, Armor

av045 R Thunderstrike
Team: No Affiliation
Range: 6 :bolt:
Points: 100
Keywords: Avengers

This comes out to 575 points. Whether you want to Fortitude someone or pick some other feats, that I'll leave up to you. Surfer, Strange and War Machine can hold their own, but the sad fact is: Thunderstrike can use all the help he can get.

The last roster we'll spotlight appeared in only a single issue; #11. It was Doc, Hulk, Nova and Northstar. This was a part of the Starblast crossover, which if you remember it, means you read WAY too many comics. As before, we'll stick with the same Doc figure. The others...

Oddly enough, the guy getting ripped in half is in less pain than people that had to read this issue.

cm095 U Hulk
Team: Spider-Man
Range: 8 :bolt:
Points: 149
Keywords: Pantheon, Scientist

sv039 V Nova
Team: No Affiliation
Range: 10 :bolt:
Points: 87
Keywords: Nova Corps, Police, Soldier

mm069 V Northstar
Team: X-Men
Range: 0 :bolt:
Points: 72
Keywords: Celebrity, Martial Artist, X-Men

That foursome comes out to 457, room enough for a Contingency Plan on Hulk, an Armor Piercing on Northstar and whatever else you want to throw on there. Though if you opt to use the LE Super-Nova over the vet, I wouldn't hold it against you.

Well, that about does it for this edition of Comic Accurate; I'd have tried to suggest some group for them to fight, but these teams really went up against a bunch of zilches. So if any of you can come up with something, best of luck.

Next time, a surprise!

11/30/2010, 12:01
Wow! Where do you find this information? I'm always looking into building obscure teams since we allow comic accurate teams as theme teams provided you can bring a reference. Sometimes wikipedia and comicvine can only tell you so much. Great article though!

11/30/2010, 12:09
nice job, although i have to dislike that V silver surfer.

::EDIT:: ahh never mind.

11/30/2010, 12:24
Secret Defenders article with no Darkhawk team?! COME ON!

11/30/2010, 12:41
i like that first avenger/secret defenders team, looks like it would work out great in a "silver age" game. to bad they have not made a nomad piece yet (prolly never will), and one day there might be a Dr. Druid.

another good one would be, minus sleepwalker (another never to be made piece)

The Secret Defenders #5
149 SI033 Dr. Strange
98 AV046 Namorita
50 UL052 Punisher
-3 BBF003 Not So Special

11/30/2010, 13:03
Without the actual issues, I find it so hard to find comic-accurate Defenders rosters! Thanks for these! I've been looking for a team to try Thunderstrike on, and this one looks very enjoyable! Would love to see more featuring the Defenders.

11/30/2010, 13:19
Ridiculously good article...somebody rep him for me. (please)

11/30/2010, 13:20
Without the actual issues, I find it so hard to find comic-accurate Defenders rosters! Thanks for these! I've been looking for a team to try Thunderstrike on, and this one looks very enjoyable! Would love to see more featuring the Defenders.


Iron Lantern
11/30/2010, 13:26
I would change up the second roster:
Dr. Strange 149
LE James Rhodes 119
LE Sentinel of the Skyways 120
Thunderstrike 100

Total 488

Add a protected and inside info to Dr. Strange.
New Total 500

11/30/2010, 13:45
"No! No... not XANDU! Tremble before his Shake-Weight of doom!!!"

That is some funny $&!#, I don't care who you are.....

11/30/2010, 13:55
Great article, as always.
however, a very small complaint : 3 times Marvel in a row? When shall we see again a DC comic accurate article? I would even be ready to try to write one myself, having a bunch of ideas of comic accurate DC teams ;)

11/30/2010, 14:06
Old - yes gotta admit a "Shake-Weight" reference is pretty funny, along with another reference to Larry the Cable Guy. Just curious about the Avengers theme team write up and where that was at. I'm always looking to set up a team of Avengers one kind or another. I so love using the FCBD War Machine and would love to put together a great 80s or 90s Avengers together with Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Blue Beast, Wasp, etc.

11/30/2010, 14:16
From issues #1-3

Dr. Strange 149
Darkhawk 56
Not So Special 3
Vault 3
Ambidextrous 12
Arachne 50
Stunning Blow 10
Wolverine 105
Vampirism 12


Or...from issues #22,23

Deathlok-V 72
Dagger-E 60
Drax the Destroyer-E 168


Love the article, but cannot rep again.

11/30/2010, 14:22
Just curious about the Avengers theme team write up and where that was at

Here it is. (http://www.hcrealms.com/forum/showthread.php?t=282513)

VGA d1sc1pL3
11/30/2010, 15:51
Back in August of this year, I ran a Secret Defenders theme team. Here is a link to my team build and my results of the team in the tournament:


I went 3 and 0 with it.

Ultim8 Avenger
11/30/2010, 19:05
you're really coming out with some good articles! another enjoyable read!

You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Arsenalroy2k again.

11/30/2010, 20:28
I want to do one of these w/ Deadpool and Luke Cage but no Doctor Druid ;-;

11/30/2010, 22:01
Thunderstrike does have a book in 2010

12/01/2010, 08:29
Everyone that still has a book in 2010 take a step forward! Whoa, not so fast, everyone pictured!

Hey now, Thunderstrike just got started on a limited series. Give the guy a break.

12/01/2010, 16:03
Thunderstrike does have a book in 2010

Hey now, Thunderstrike just got started on a limited series. Give the guy a break.

So Eric Masterson is back from the dead? Finally?

12/01/2010, 16:11
So Eric Masterson is back from the dead? Finally?

Short answer: Nope.

Also, I still can't rep you from some point in the past or I would have. Foil Covers!

12/01/2010, 16:19
Short answer: Nope.

So Thunderstrike doesn't have a book in 2010, Thunderstrike II does...

Carbon Rod
12/02/2010, 10:51
Secret Defenders ... Wow. You sir, are a man among men and a champion's champion.

son of shamrock
12/02/2010, 14:42
That Silver Surfer artwork is baaaad. Looks like he's had a couple of cosmic milkshakes.

12/02/2010, 21:57
That Silver Surfer artwork is baaaad. Looks like he's had a couple of cosmic milkshakes.

That would be the work of Tom Grindberg. The thing is, his work didn't always look like this. Here are some examples from before and after his Secret Defenders work...

1986 http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/0/4/24212-2850-26963-1-warlord_super.jpg

1987 http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/0/4/25034-3070-27840-1-all-star-squadron_super.jpg

1994 http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/0/4/35763-2190-39932-1-daredevil_super.jpg

1998 http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/1/13923/759927-tomorrow07_super.jpg

I think he was experimenting with his style in 1993, as most of his art in '93 looks this way.

12/04/2010, 01:36
We need a Xandu figure!