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04/25/2011, 21:58
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By Bill4935

There's no shame in losing a HeroClix game to a giant talking gorilla. They're big and mean and possibly have strange mental powers. But what if your opponent's team has a chimpanzee? Should you still be worried? Or is this another ho-hum figure easily distracted by a sweet banana or handful of crunchy termites?

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04/25/2011, 22:00
an024 E Detective Chimp
Team: No Affiliation
Range: 0 :bolt:
Points: 62
Keywords: Animal, Detective, Mystical, Shadowpact.
m-boota-fistd-shieldg-starburst7918269171691715816158151KOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKO:star: No One Touches the Monkey: Detective Chimp can use Leap/Climb and Super Senses.
:g-starburst: OCCULT INVESTIGATOR: Detective Chimp can use Perplex. If he targets another character with the Mystical keyword with Perplex he can use it normally or modify any combat value by +2 or -2 except damage.
<img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/80851/HCRealms.com/201104/chimp.jpg" style="width:200px;padding-right:5px" align="left" title="I guess the guy at the newstand is used to selling papers to talking animals.">So he's a super-intelligent chimpanzee. His name is Bobo. He can talk to animals (including humans) and has eternal youth. Oh, and before I forget, as a detective he's as good as Batman. It's true, look it up.

His HeroClix form can be very effective in the right hands. You may say he's just a support figure. That's true. But just like his comic-book origin, he might live forever. I can't believe how good he is at both dodging attacks AND not being a target. That's the real secret to keeping a character alive in HeroClix - stay unnoticed by the opposing player. When I use an Outwitter like the Question? Always targeted right away by my fellow players. Amadeus Cho? Gone in seconds. But the Chimp... he just lasts and lasts. I think it's the fact there's no colourful powers on his dial. He looks small and unimposing. This may not be true for long, after I've posted this review :grin: - but for now I highly recommend him.

My HeroClix reviews in the Units section usually have a numerical score. For Detective Chimp's dial, I'd give him a 75% score. On a Mystical team, five more points. When you can tell your opponent, "You got beat by a monkey", that's worth at least 10% more for sheer fun.

Top tip: Stealth and 18:d-normal: can keep you alive - but don't get too close to opponents with 11:a-fist:! Try to keep him out of close combat unless you're sure you can get at least one hit for 2 damage. If you get hit once, run away! Stay back and stay a Perplexer.

Here's the Science: Chimps aren't actually monkeys. Chimpanzees and monkeys are both primates and both simians, but monkeys are basically squirrels with fingers. Chimps are clever and social Hominids that share 95% of our human DNA.

What's your opinion of this capering crime-buster? Don't forget to post your official rating in the HCRealms.com units review by following the link here (http://www.hcrealms.com/forum/showthread.php?t=299786).

04/25/2011, 23:10
Stealth+Outwit is the oldest trick in the book for easy success. Add on Trait Super Senses and Leap/Climb, and wow, I think he smells of cheese. The only thing that keeps him from being pure cheese in my opinion is a substantial point cost and a relatively limited role on the team, i.e., he's not a great attacker. Still, when I see him across the table, I roll my eyes.

04/25/2011, 23:16
For about the same points, you could get Dark Beast, Impossible Man, or The Chief. Each of whom offer a mix of outwit and survivability, along with a host of added benefits. (Aggro in the case of Dark Beast, tie-up in the case of Impossible Man, winning the game in the case of The Chief.)

I guess my criticism is that he's a slightly more survivable, less useful AA Question for 20+ more points, who doesn't have willpower (which is good, because then you can push him onto his perplex clicks?)

04/25/2011, 23:28
My friend will play three of these at a time on a Mystical team. Utterly annoying.
Thankfully, Poison and forcing pushes are effective because of the shorter dial.

04/25/2011, 23:37
I still have to finish and paint my custom
going to put a ring on the thing in his foot and figure out how to pain a plaid

04/25/2011, 23:53
A bit costly although a very annoying piece to go up against.

04/25/2011, 23:55
i hate this monkey... my friend uses him in ALL of his mystical teams and of course in shadowpact... i played a friendly 600 with him yesterday and i used the new xmen characters that i havent figured out yet... he used mystical... long story short: juggernaut, no problem, osiris, meh, black alice and sargon, waste of my time... isis and that uuuhhhhh monkey, beat the tar out of me.. GET AWAY MONKEY, 3333IN MONKEY.... HE JUST WILL NOT DIE!!!!

04/26/2011, 00:48
The Chimp owns. He's helped me win numerous times.

04/26/2011, 00:50
Question AA is one my favorite figures & only 60% the point cost.

04/26/2011, 03:36
AA Question is ridiculously good for her cost, I think we can all agree on that. However, she's also a lot easier to take out than Bobo and his Leap/Climb also makes for easier positioning.

Is he "better" than one of the most ridiculously undercosted figures in the game? No, not really. Is he somehow a terrible piece because of the mere existence of AA Question? No. not really.

If you want your Outwitter to have a better shot at surviving or being more mobile (or heaven-forbid, are playing a relevant theme) then consider Detective Chimp.

If you insist on ultimate point efficiency, then stick with Rookie Black Panther...I mean Question...

04/26/2011, 09:00
I still have to finish and paint my custom
going to put a ring on the thing in his foot and figure out how to pain a plaid

Link no work.....

I haven't used the chimp yet but he will be in my next mystical team for sure.

04/26/2011, 09:08
The Detective pimp is my new go to perplexer, as i love to go mystical. Ripped a 300 with a chimp, Sr Green lantern DC 75 and Elsa Bloodstone.
Love using 2 chimps and Loki Sr (H.O.T.)=Broken!

04/26/2011, 09:25
I kill this piece immediatly when I see it on the board, too good late game to let it live.

04/26/2011, 11:50
If he is targeted for elimination early, he isn't a problem. But as Bill4935 stated, if he stays unnoticed, he can be a real gem. Knowing Bill's opponents, Bobo would be mostly overlooked against his Marvel-centric opponents.

04/26/2011, 12:30
I like this guy so much I procured 5 of him.

2 Gun Kid
04/26/2011, 14:23
My only dislike about him is that Chimps are at least twice as strong as humans...so why only 1 click of 2 damage?

2 Gun Kid
04/26/2011, 14:24
Heck give him a Battle Fury, Close Combat Expert click and just call it Xanax.

04/26/2011, 16:31
This monkey has nearly cost me so many games in the past that he's on my KOS list when I see him. I made the mistake of leaving him alone when I first encountered him and he single-handedly kept my GSX Juggernaut pinned down half the game. At least I had the satisfaction of slamming him with a heavy object for a one hit kill.

Chimp is a solid piece and a must for mystical teams, but I personally wouldn't use him.

04/26/2011, 17:25
The Karma that surrounds this fig is infuriating. My buddy uses the chimp from time to time, and his trait is the most taunting thing. If I don't focus my power on killing him right away he's an incredible pain in the ###. If I do focus my power on killing the chimp, I CAN NEVER TOUCH HIM! His super senses never fail. I know "Yes they do it's just probability", but in every time I've ever seen him played, I've never seen him get hit. I try to just keep a filler between the chimp and the rest of battle, but then the Effin Chimp has the gall to rip them apart in a way that is cartoony and comical to think a chimp would. With flying swinging fists and screeching razor teeth, maliciously attacking an innocent bystander who barely knows whats going on, let alone the fact that he is currently dying. The sweat and confusion mixed with unbearable ripping pain only play into the dissonant symphony of the audible Screaming of all that is Chimpanzee. And all the other pieces on the board look over their shoulder with a fist full of tears at the horror that's happening in the dark corner. The sound that emanates from that shadow, and the blood and body parts that spill from its borders make even the tent poles fall to their knees and vomit. As the "already accustomed to this immeasurable gore" opponent casually walks up to you and snaps your neck, in almost a matter of pity. "I'm sorry you had to see that, I'll make it quick."

04/26/2011, 18:59
No!! I don't want to pet your damn monkey!!! I hate that animal (monkey)!!

04/27/2011, 16:40
Dont get the low natural damage. Aren't chimps crazy strong...like 3 times that of a normal person?

04/27/2011, 16:44
My only dislike about him is that Chimps are at least twice as strong as humans...so why only 1 click of 2 damage?

Great minds think alike!

04/27/2011, 17:14
Detective Chimp is annoying that's for sure.

04/28/2011, 01:20
I totally dislike the gamers who use multiples of the same character to try and win a game, unless they are generics like valkyries or SHIELD agent,amazons....grunt soldiers. Having to use more than one Detective Chimp to win a game is just plain cowardly and lazy. It kills some of the fun and fellowship factor of the game which is why the majority of us play Heroclix. Winning isn't everything, it's the people you play with and the exciting things that happen during the matches that really should be the focus.