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04/02/2004, 12:26

The idea here is for each person who posts to add a chapter to the ongoing saga of the League of Amazing Animals. I will post the names, powers and descriptions of the members of the League. The next person who posts will begin the story of their next adventure, leaving off at a cliffhanger moment.

The next poster after that will continue the story, and so on. No one is allowed to post two chapters in a row.

The League of Amazing Animals is, of course, a pretty dumb idea for a group of heroes, so I suspect the story will become tongue-in-cheek fairly quickly. But we should try to keep a consistent plot line running throughout.

Here's the League Membership:

Super-Raptor: A velaciraptor who was frozen in suspended animation for millions of years. Thawed out by the heat and radiation of a nearby nuclear weapons test, Super-Raptor was mutated by the radiation into a super-intelligent being. He now uses his speed, agility and brains to lead the League of Amazing Animals in its ongoing battle to protect the world. He has telepathic ability, using this to allow the Leaguers to communicate with each other. He has built many super-scientific devises and weapons.

Mud Puppy--This small, mutant puppy dog looks harmless, but has the power to telekinetically control all dirt and rock in his immediate area. He often flings huge rocks at opponents, or formd a huge dirt giant out of the ground that he can then mentally control.

The Crimson Cat--A panther who once inadvertantly dug up a cursed pirate treasure that had been buried in the jungle hundreds of years earlier. The curse turned the panther a bright red and gave him human intellgence. Physically, he changed enough to be able to stand on his hind legs comfortably and handle tools and implements with his front paws. Armed with an electro-sword, the Crimson Cat now dresses in a swashbuckler-type costume and uses his fighting skill to battle for justice. He wears a utility belt with an array of useful devises attached.

The Steel Moray--The result of a military experiment with marine animals, the Steel Moray is a moray eel with indestructable skin and superstrength. Able to breath in or out of water, he can sprout wings and fly to get around when out of the water.

The Invisible Ungulate--A moose from a herd so adept at hiding from hunters and predators, they've developed the ability to turn invisible. The Invisible Ungulate, unfulfilled by his life on the Alasakan tundra, has joined the League in order to see more of the world.

THEIR HEADQUARTERS--A sphere about the size of the average McDonalds, their headquarters was designed and built by Super Raptor. Able to become intangible and move under the ground at supersonic speeds, this mobile HQ can get the leaguers anywhere in the world in a matter of a few hours.

So there it is. Does anyone want to take the challange and write chapter one?

04/07/2004, 08:17
The headquarters telephone has been ringing for five consecutive minutes. The Crimson Cat stares at the blue plastic telephone with contempt; the rings reverberating through the tiled kitchen. Crimson Cat paws at his rapier dangling from his utility belt, and curls a smile. “I do have the mansion to myself,” he whispers. “Super-Raptor can build a new telephone when he returns from Europe,” he adds.

In one quick movement, Crimson Cat strikes the telephone with his rapier, bits of blue plastic showering the kitchen. Crimson Cat is never going to fall prey to telephones again. His arch-enemy The Florescent Flea bested him once, but never again.

Crimson Cat walks to the refrigerator and grabs a beer. He twists the cap and tosses it on the kitchen floor amongst the chips of blue plastic. “Ungulate can clean this up when she gets back. That’s what women are for,” Crimson Cat smiles.

He likes having the mansion, the League's alternate headquarters, to himself. The Sphere is currently under construction: "necessary upgrades" Super Raptor says.

Crimson Cat has always been kind of a loner. More importantly, he detests Super-Raptor’s pompous intellectualism: always building devices to “save the world.” He's annoyed by Mud-Puppy, a young kid who is too impulsive: he’s going to get me killed one of these days, he thinks to himself. He doesn’t trust Steel Moray: the accent is heavy, sometimes incomprehensible. Doesn’t think or know much about the Invisible Ungulate, the newest member.

“Peace and quiet,” Crimson Cat exhales as he plops his body in the white leather couch of the entertainment room. He gulps his beer and smiles. The League is chasing Dr. Meat Eater across Europe; something about a magical spear. Injury leave does have its benefits, he thinks while glancing at the cast around his left leg. “Peace and quiet,” he repeats and closes his eyes.

No sooner after closing his eyes, Crimson Cat hears the door open to the mansion’s hanger. He curses under his breath and hops from the couch toward the hanger. Entering the hanger, Crimson Cat’s patience wanes watching the League’s plane, The Skyhawk, land and turn-off its engine. “I didn’t even get a frickin’ week to myself,” he mutters.

The door to the Skyhawk bursts open and Invisible Ungulate jumps-out.

“Women! Always forgetting something. Is this why you guys are back so soon? Did you forget your hairdryer?” Crimson Cat chides.

“Shut-up and help us, you arrogant jerk! Super-Raptor is almost dead!” Invisible Ungulate yells in reply, a tempest of anger in her eyes. Steel Moray carefully carries the limp body of Super Raptor from the plane, and Crimson Cat rushes toward the Russian powerhouse. Crimson Cat is trying to think, but his thoughts are confounded: what the heck is going on!

04/07/2004, 11:40
Crimson Cat tended to be something of a snob, but no one ever accused him of hesitating to help a comrade. Running ahead of the others despite his injured leg, he had the autodoc in the mansion's sick bay fired up and ready to go before Steel Moray arrived with Raptor's limp body.

Mud Puppy scampered in right behind Moray. "Is...is he gonna be okay?" he asked in a nervous voice.

"We'll do everything we can for him, pup," assured Ungulate.

"What happened," asked Crimson Cat.

"We caught up with Dr. Meat Eater underneath the Eiffel Tower," came Steel Moray's heavily accented reply. "He had that blasted spear. Raptor was convinced his force field device would block the spear's energy, but Meat Eater fired a blast that cut right through it. It knocked us all down, but Raptor took the brunt of it. He's been comatose ever since."

"What about Meat Eater?"

"When the rest of us recovered from the blast, he was gone. Several witnesses said he just faded away."

Crimson Cat frowned. "That's odd. Meat Eater never had teleporation powers before."

"Probably some other aspect of that sp..." Moray was interrupted as a burst of bright red energy suddenly flared out from Raptor's body. The other animals staggered back. Raptor floated out of the autodoc, standing in mid-air, still wrapped in a red aura. He was conscious now, but he glared down at his companions with an expression of intense hatred that none of them had ever seen before.

"Fools!" A telepathic voice resounded loudly inside their skulls. "All of you--fools! Prepare to die!"

Crimson Cat drew his sword. "That voice! It's not Raptor's. It's Dr. Meat Eater's voice!"

Raptor raised a hand and a ray of red energy fired out from his fingers---straight at Crimson Cat's chest.