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HCRealms 10/04/2006 14:22

io048: Superman (Veteran)
Team: Superman Ally
Range: 10 /
Points: 251

MB7-TheFlash 10/13/2006 21:35

a blind monkey could win with this piece

commiefascist 10/14/2006 12:45

Sure, he has those powers in the comics, but he doesn't really use them like that. RCE? No way.

Colossus80 10/21/2006 08:19

the greatest clix of all. Rules were adjusted strictly to de-throne his as the most dominant piece. Even after the rule changes, he's still the most dominant clix under 300 pts

Prof. Aragorn 12/02/2006 16:07

Really beastly, but the attack and defense is too low, and he doesn't have enough move and attack. Great consistent damage, and amazing damage dealing potential, but he's way too top heavy.

Manchine 12/02/2006 16:32

The age old answer. He should not start with HSS.

Another bad Superman that starts with HSS.

Amora's_best_friend 12/24/2006 08:29

6 clicks of 5 damage!!!!!

What is this?

Easily the best character in the game.

Darth Sabre 01/05/2007 00:50

This is a good figure, and it's great that he starts with HSS. I wouldn't say he's accurate to Superman as a whole, but he is an accurate representation of Superman with what he's done, and what he can do.

spacedye 02/26/2007 19:12

Too top heavy, not accurate to Superman, and has a bulky sculpt. Still, those first 3 clicks are beastly, and he can always deal high damage.

conejilope 07/01/2007 14:07

best figure of heroclix

6T9 07/03/2007 04:43

This figure is amazing, and is responsible for changing the way heroclix is played. The BEST version of superman in the game! (yes, better than the KC version)

Mego Stretch Hulk 07/05/2007 07:25

In smaller games, this Superman is the best in the game because of his front loaded dial, period!! In bigger games he pales in comparison to his older -self in Kingdom Come Superman. He just doesn't have the staying power and Attack values to last.

So the verdict on the best clix in the game?

Small games + Icons Superman = victory

Big games + Kingdom Come Superman = victory

thugit 07/17/2007 08:18

Top heavy? Yep.

Sculpt is horrible, too.

However, if you put Fortitude and Protected on him, he's just as hard to take down as his comic book counterpart.

FunkeyFresh 07/17/2007 22:35

I know this piece gets a bad rap. But really, I think this is what it would like to be superman. It has to almost be boring to be this good.

cptspacebomb 10/18/2007 05:58

What can I say. I both love and hate this piece. I love him when I'm using him. And I HATE him when I'm playing against him. Insane damage. Insane speed. This is a Superman that represents his power to a tee. Sculpt is good. Attack gets kinda low but if he does connect, you'll be hurting or dead. If there is one thing I don't like about him though, it's that he's designed in the game to be a "Hit and Run" fighter, and that is NOT comic accurate. But, what can you do. It at least makes people fear fighting him, which they do in the comics, so that is comic accurate at least. Anyway, just amazingly powerful and I like it!

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