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RavenProject 10/24/2009 20:16

HeroClix tournaments are normally on Monday nights; dice drop is 6:00 PM.

Read the post below for information regarding House Rules, and feel free to PM me with any questions.

Rockhead's Comics and Games
2328 Roosevelt Road (Hwy 50)
Kenosha, WI 53143

24 November: Turkey Bowl
(600 Silver) Work up your hunger for that Thanksgiving feast, by going all out on the battlefield! Play any team you like and stuff your face with victory.
(Prizes: Fellowship, People's Choice, Random)

01 December: Bring on the Bad Guys
(500 Silver) There isn't a hero in sight, as villains battle for supremacy! Your force most consist entirely of "villain" characters.
(Prizes: Fellowship, People's Choice, Random)

07 December (Sunday, Noon): Kindred Kitties Catfight III
(500 Silver, no Resources or Entities) Support Kindred Kitties in this charity event! Your team must include at least one character with the "Animal" keyword, and "Animal" will be considered a named keyword for this event. $5 admission, plus $1 raffle tickets.

08 December: Season's Beatings
(300 Silver) Glad tidings and good cheer? Needs more chaos and mayhem! Anything goes as you wreak holiday havoc!
(Prizes: Fellowship, People's Choice, Random)

15 December: War of Light Reprise
This will be a 400-point battle using only figures from War of Light. Entities and Batteries may only be used on a named theme team with their corresponding keyword. Batteries must use their Emotional Spectrum ability. To be eligible for Nekron, you must have played in at least two earlier War of Light events.
(Prizes: First, Fellowship, Random)

22 & 29 December: Holiday Break

05 January: New Year, New Battle
(400 Silver) 2015 will kick off when you kick butt! Play any figures you like as we start a whole new year of Clix!
(Prizes: Fellowship, People's Choice, Random)

12 January: Reality Warp
(300 Silver) The world around your changes in the blink of an eye! After each player's turn, roll 2d6. On a result of 2 or 3, flip the map and place all characters in the same squares. If a character's new position is illegal, move him to the nearest legal position and take one click of unavoidable damage.
(Prizes: Fellowship, People's Choice, Random)

19 January: Polar Bear Plunge
(500 Silver) Pour some cold water on your enemy's plans! Your options are wide open in this battle.
(Prizes: Fellowship, People's Choice, Random)

26 January: Magnificent Seven
(1000 Silver) Bring a force with exactly 7 characters plus standard objects. The characters must share a named keyword.
(Prizes: Fellowship, People's Choice, Random)

02 February: Super Bowl Battle
(300 Silver, Special) Classic rivals face off! Bring two 300-point teams of Arch-Enemies (Justice League/Legion of Doom, X-Men/Brotherhood, Avengers/Masters of Evil, etc.) Each round, you will choose one of your opponent's teams. You will play that, alongside the team your opponent did not choose.
(Prizes: Fellowship, People's Choice, Random)

RavenProject 11/06/2009 15:42

There are a few House Rules you should be aware of.
  • As we progress through an event cycle, the Fellowship winner selects which figure is awarded for each event. A prize can not repeat until each prize has been awarded once.
  • In addition to Golden and Modern Age, we have one other Age at Rockheads. Silver Age allows any figure regardless of set, but no Feats or Battlefield Conditions.
  • During each round, I will alert players at roughly the halfway mark and when five minutes remain.
  • Bye Rounds will be scored as an average of the rounds actually played. (Example: You score 400 and 600 points, your Bye would be 500 points.)
  • There is a limit of 3 replacement figures per 100 points of the build total.
  • I am amenable to blessing a Theme Team which may not share a keyword if you can present a good case. Being allowed for a Theme Team does not grant any figure a keyword. If you're concerned that your idea for a Theme Team may not pass muster, feel free to contact me ahead of time.
  • Third-party maps (i.e. GridReality, Mighty Maps, etc.) may only be played if all players in the match agree.
  • If an event description indicates "figures," then this means figures with an actual sculpt. Example: If I say two figures must be related, this does not mean you can play Franklin Richards and Mr. Fantastic.
  • For special events, players may pre-register at the store within three weeks of the event. If attendance exceeds available space or product, players will be prioritized first by prior attendance, then by pre-registration.


RavenProject 11/11/2009 12:28

Fi fi fo fum! On Monday, 16 November, your 600-point force must include one Giant figure! Figures which become Giants through Special Powers are acceptable. Come in and shove a pair of Size-400's up your opponent's tailpipe!

Then one week later, on 23 November, the Hammer of Thor series begins with a two-booster 400 point Sealed event!


RavenProject 11/18/2009 11:14

Now that we've seen the tournament schedule, we've decided to run Sealed events with the following modifications:

1) All Sealed events will be Draft format.
2) All Sealed events will be 400 points. (There's some big guys in this set, would like to see you play them!)

We're running a Sealed match on Monday. We are still discussing with the owner whether additional Sealed matches will be feasible.

See you Monday!


RavenProject 11/25/2009 03:56

After discussing the matter with the venue owner, we have decided to forego the remaining Sealed events in the Hammer of Thor series. (For the record, this was his idea!)

Monday's game will be a straight-up 600-point match, played for the normal Week Two prize. See you there!


RavenProject 12/02/2009 22:01

Coming Monday: Dropping down to a compact 300 points, and throwing down for the Runaways ATA!


RavenProject 12/09/2009 01:05

Sticking with the plan and awarding the Guardians of the galaxy ATA for the 600-point event on Monday, 14 December!


RavenProject 12/15/2009 16:23

It's the first day of Winter on 21 December, and we're bringing that "delightful" Wisconsin winter to a 400-point Unrestricted battle!

Ice: Every successful attack deals knockback.
Snow: All Clear Terrain is Hindering Terrain for movement.

This is also the big anvil night, where up to ten players will get the silver anvil and the winners walk away with mighty Mjolnir!


RavenProject 12/31/2009 17:06

Our first game of 2010 dials it back a bit -- a 300-point Unrestricted match, battling for the Blood Oath Feat.

(Yah, yah, hush you... it's free stuff. ;))

Also, look above for information regarding our House Rules.


RavenProject 01/05/2010 15:34

Not like we've been holding back the Hammer of Thor figures... but on 11 January we'll be playing 300 Points, 50% Floor. The remaining 50% is Unrestricted.

Still rocking the cardboard a little bit longer as we play for Immortal Contempt, so some out and have fun!


RavenProject 01/13/2010 18:18

Bulk up and prepare your barbaric yawp for a 500-point Unrestricted event next week, throwing down for Gharskygt on 18 January!

If that's not enough firepower, then 25 January will be right up your alley with our Eight Man Megabrawl! Details soon!


Papa Smurf 01/13/2010 18:51

I used to live in k-town. If I am ever there again I will check you guys out.
Thanks for the info.

RavenProject 01/20/2010 23:15

This coming Monday: The Eight-Man Megabrawl!

You can play any eight figures, exclusing colossals, regardless of point total.

Each figure may be assigned one Feat.

Each player gets four actions per turn.

Your score for each round is determined by the following formula:

(Victory Points) / (Build Total) = (Final Score)

So if your team is 1000 points and you KO 800...

800 / 1000 = 0.8

Your final score is compared to your opponent to determine the winner!

Oh yah, winner... First Place and Fellowship will claim the Warrior Madness Event Dial!


RavenProject 01/28/2010 15:46

From the massive manpower of the Megabrawl we're bringing thigns back down to size -- 01 February brings a 300-point Unrestricted event to the maps, playing for the Runaways ATA!

Things step up again one week later, though, with a 500-point 50% Floor tournament for the Guardians of the Galaxy ATA!


RavenProject 02/11/2010 12:39

Crashing out of the sky, an alien craft spread its weapons cache among the debris. When opposing forces arrive to harvest that tech, it's time for some improvised field tests!

Complete instructions will be provided at game on Monday, 15 February. This week's prize is the Warrior Madness event dial.

Don't put those 300- or 500-point teams away just yet, though. There are two games left in the Hammer of Thor cycle, throwing down for the Son of Surtur and Thor the Reigning!


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