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RPSC: X-men #12 - Rescue the Princess
Written and Edited by WakandaMan

The X-men's spirits had lifted after defeating the Imperial Guard. They had faced the greatest heroes the Shi'ar had to offer, and still emerged victorious. Of course, it was lucky that the Avengers had shown up when they did or it could have been a much different battle, but still, for the first time it seemed as if trying to stop a huge galactic empire may not be impossible after all.

After they had repaired the Starjammers ship, the motley crew of space pirates and mutants set course directly for the throneworld of the Shi'ar Imperium. While they travelled, Corsair filled the X-men in on the situation.

"The Emperor is a power-mad tyrant named D'ken..." He started. "He was responsible for abducting me from earth along with my wife years ago. He put us through a whole range of tests, but that was just a hobby of his. What he was really looking for was the M'kraan Crystal. He's had his cronies scouring the galaxy for it for decades, but only did a brief scan of Earth when he picked us up, not expecting it to really be there. According to our source, it was on earth all along."

Bobby Drake didn't look impressed. "Would that be the same source that told you that only a small contingent of the Imperial Guard was on it's way to Earth?"

"The kid makes a good point." Chod agreed, "I certainly ain't convinced we can trust her."

Corsair shook his head. "She's got as much at stake as we do. It's not like we have much choice anyway." He turned to the X-men again. "D'ken is not the rightful heir to the throne. He has an older sister, who should've been crowned Empress, but he imprisoned her and claimed she had died in the same accident that killed his father. Our informant claims to know where she is located. If we can free her, then we will have her gratitude and her ear. You'll be able to get earth free, and the Shi'ar Empire will be far better off."

Cyclops grimaced. "No doubt she will be heavily guarded."

Sikorsky nodded his alien head. <Our intel suggests D'ken's private troops protect the location around the clock>.

Cyclops, Storm and Emma exhanged glances. Storm spoke up. "The X-men will free the prisoner. You Starjammers have done more than enough, and your wounds from the battle against the Imperial Guard are far more grevious than ours."

Corsair shook his head. "You can't possibly expect us to sit this one out."

"Oh yes we can." Cyclops replied. "We have wounded too, and we need Sikorsky to heal them as quickly as possible, and the rest of you Starjammers to keep them safe. Meanwhile, we'll show you that the X-men mean business!"


Later, down on the planet

Quicksilver reappeared in the blink of an eye. "There's a lot of them all right, but they seem inattentive. We should be able to take them by surprise."

Cyclops nodded. "It won't do us any good if we don't have the passcode to unlock the cell. Where is this damn informant?!"

"I'm right here." A sultry female voice said from the shadows. An elegant but dangerous looking woman stepped into the light and sneered at them. "I am known as Deathbird, heir to the Shi'ar throne."

Beast looked perplexed. "I thought we were rescuing the heir to the throne?"

Deathbird growled. "We are rescuing my sister, Lilandra. She is first in line."

Cyclops "Well...thanks for helping us out here then. All right X-men, lets attack!" The group raced around the corner towards the complex, only to be confronted with a loud voice laughing.

"Hahahahaa....my dear sister."


"You surely didn't think you could hide your intentions from me did you? I've been feeding you false information since I took the throne from our weak older sibling."

"She better be in there..."

"Oh don't worry, she is. She is the perfect bait for getting rid of the biggest threat left to my throne- you. And please, don't pretend to be concerned for her wellbeing. I know she is just a means to an ends for you. But it appears you and your little pet mammals are about to meet your end instead."

White Queen E CT 80pts
Jean Grey V DR 50pts
Storm V XP 40pts
Cyclops E Ult 40pts
Beast E XP 59pts
Tessa R Sin 31pts
Quicksilver R AV 63pts
Deathbird U XP 70pts (7/7)
Majestix Lilandra U SNV 60pts (6/6) V23(Inactive)
Total: 441 (501 with Lilandra)

D'ken's personal guard
Emperor D'ken {Red Skull U CT} 47pts (7/7)
w/Tactics 20pts
Shi'ar Admiral #1 V SNV 40pts (6/6)
Shi'ar Admiral #2 V SNV 40pts (6/6)
Shi'ar Admiral #3 V SNV 40pts (6/6)
Shi'ar Admiral #4 V SNV 40pts (6/6)
Shi'ar Borderer #1 E SNV 33pts (5/5)
Shi'ar Borderer #2 E SNV 33pts (5/5)
Shi'ar Borderer #3 E SNV 33pts (5/5)
Shi'ar Borderer #4 E SNV 33pts (5/5)
Shi'ar Warrior #1 R SNV 27pts (5/5)
Shi'ar Warrior #2 R SNV 27pts (5/5)
Shi'ar Warrior #3 R SNV 27pts (5/5)
Total: 440 pts

Map: IAP1

BC: Defiance- When one of your characters makes a Critical Hit, remove an action token from a friendly character that has not been given an action (including a free action) this turn.

Special Rules

- X-men set up at the top of the map. The top section (down to the wall at Row M) is considered Outdoor terrain.

- D'ken's personal guard set up anywhere in row N, O or P. This is the guard room and considered indoors.

- Majestix Lilandra is placed at V23. The room is her cell. She cannot move until the cell door is opened, and the walls to that particular room cannot be broken (they are protected by a special force field). All other walls can be broken as usual.

- To open the door to the cell, Deathbird must move to square T24 and take a special action just to unlock the cell. Once that occurs, Lilandra can be used as part of the X-men's force. If Lilandra is freed, the X-men earn 5 TXP. However if she is KOed after being freed, the 5 TXP is lost.

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