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D'Ken's Guard turn 1b

- Leadership roll Admiral "Art:" 3
- Leadership roll ADmiral "Ben:" 5
- Tactics roll Red Skull/D'Ken: 3
- Shi'ar Warrior "Stan" (in N8) leaps to R11, picking up the HO in P9 on the way.
- Shi'ar Warrior "Tom" (in N16) leaps to N11, picking up the LO in P10 on the way.
- Shi'ar Warrior "Udo" (in O17) leaps to N14, picking up the LO in P11 on the way.
- Shi'ar Borderer "Nate" (in N18) moves to Q12.
- Shi'ar Borderer "Mark" (in O16) moves to O14.
- Shi'ar Admiral "Art" moves to S13.

White Queen E CT (6/6) E18 @
Jean Grey V DR (6/6) B13
Storm DR (5/5) A12
Cyclops DR (6/6) B14
Beast E XP (7/7) A13
Tessa R Sin (6/6) A15
Quicksilver R AV (6/6) B12
Deathbird U XP (7/7) B16
Majestix Lilandra U SNV (6/6) V23(Inactive)

D'ken's Personal Guard
Emperor D'ken {Red Skull U CT} (7/7) O7
Shi'ar Admiral #1 V SNV "Art" (6/6) S13 @
Shi'ar Admiral #2 V SNV "Ben" (6/6) P7
Shi'ar Admiral #3 V SNV "Charlie" (6/6) N17
Shi'ar Admiral #4 V SNV "Don" (6/6) O18
Shi'ar Borderer #1 E SNV "Kent" (5/5) O6
Shi'ar Borderer #2 E SNV "Larry" (5/5) O8
Shi'ar Borderer #3 E SNV "Mark" (5/5) O14 @
Shi'ar Borderer #4 E SNV "Nate" (5/5) Q12 @
Shi'ar Warrior #1 R SNV "Stan" (5/5) R11 w/HO @
Shi'ar Warrior #2 R SNV "Tom" (5/5) N11 w/LO @
Shi'ar Warrior #3 R SNV "Udo" (5/5) P11 w/LO @

HOs: O14, Q12, w/"Stan" in R11
LOs: T20, w/"Tom" in N11, w/"Udo" in N14
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