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Turn 2

Leadership = 2

1) Deathbirh running shot to F19 vs Tom roll 2,1 missed by the neck of a giraffe..
Taxi Tessa to F18.

Free) Beast perplex Quick damage.

2) Jean TK Quicksilver to K12

3) Quickilver HSS to M12 then to J6
Attack Udo Av9 DV 16 roll 4,4 Hit knockback to P9
Damage = 2-1 toughness + 1 perplex + 1 knockback = 3
UDo drops light object.

4) Storm to F17 taxi Cyclops to G18

White Queen at board meeting:
The strategy is to first take down D'ken, followed by the heavy hitters.
We also need to keep death bird alive to free the other inferior queen Lilandra.

Deathbird attempts to hit warrior, she hesitated to hit her own race, instead shoot a warning shot.

Jean sling shot quicksilver…..who managed to smack the Shiar against the wall.
All the Shiar saw was a blurr….hopefully he will not raise the alarm.

D'Ken's Guard turn 1b

- Leadership roll Admiral "Art:" 3
- Leadership roll ADmiral "Ben:" 5
- Tactics roll Red Skull/D'Ken: 3
- Shi'ar Warrior "Stan" (in N8) leaps to R11, picking up the HO in P9 on the way.
- Shi'ar Warrior "Tom" (in N16) leaps to N11, picking up the LO in P10 on the way.
- Shi'ar Warrior "Udo" (in O17) leaps to N14, picking up the LO in P11 on the way.
- Shi'ar Borderer "Nate" (in N18) moves to Q12.
- Shi'ar Borderer "Mark" (in O16) moves to O14.
- Shi'ar Admiral "Art" moves to S13.

[ ]White Queen E CT (6/6) E18 -
[ ]Jean Grey V DR (6/6) B13 @
[ ]Storm DR (5/5) F17 @ (Stealth)
[ ]Cyclops DR (6/6) G18
[1]Beast E XP (7/7) A13
[ ]Tessa R Sin (6/6) F18
[2]Quicksilver R AV (6/6) J6 @
[ ] Deathbird U XP (7/7) F19 @
Majestix Lilandra U SNV (6/6) V23(Inactive)

D'ken's Personal Guard
Emperor D'ken {Red Skull U CT} (7/7) O7
Shi'ar Admiral #1 V SNV "Art" (6/6) S13 @
Shi'ar Admiral #2 V SNV "Ben" (6/6) P7
Shi'ar Admiral #3 V SNV "Charlie" (6/6) N17
Shi'ar Admiral #4 V SNV "Don" (6/6) O18
Shi'ar Borderer #1 E SNV "Kent" (5/5) O6
Shi'ar Borderer #2 E SNV "Larry" (5/5) O8
Shi'ar Borderer #3 E SNV "Mark" (5/5) O14 @
Shi'ar Borderer #4 E SNV "Nate" (5/5) Q12 @
Shi'ar Warrior #1 R SNV "Stan" (5/5) R11 w/HO @
Shi'ar Warrior #2 R SNV "Tom" (5/5) N11 w/LO @
Shi'ar Warrior #3 R SNV "Udo" (2/5) P9 w/LO @ Knocked back

HOs: O14, Q12, w/"Stan" in R11
LOs: T20, w/"Tom" in N11, N14
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