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( there is, unfortunately, a slight problem with your move, Choon... y'see, Beast does not have LoFire to Quicksilver for the Perplex, as the LoFire is blocked on the perfect diagonal between Jean and Storm... my move below is based on your still wanting to use Quicksilver in such an attack, but that his damage was only a 2; moreover, Warrior "Udo" is in N14, meaning that Quicksilver coudn't have attacked him from M12, but this doesn't matter because Quicksilver has a Speed value high enough to reach J6.... i presume Quicksilver attacked from M13... ( ...and even if Quicklsilver had had his damage Perplexed up 1, "Udo would not have taken any knockback damage because "Udo" would have been knocked back two squares -- not enough to send him into a wall...) all of this means that means the Warrior "Udo" was knocked back only 1 square (to O15) and that he still has Super Strength and the LO... unless you want to change your turn...)

D'Ken's Guard turn 2b

The Shi'ar soldiers scurried about, attempting to get into an advantageous position against the Terran interlopers. It was clear that the Terrans were powerful, and that they had awesome powers. It would be up to the Shi'ar mastery of weapons and tactics.

D'Ken shouted orders and walked personally into the midst of his underlings. The Shi'ar soldiers were awed by the Emperor's presence and tried to fulfill his every wish. "Do not let them pass!" the despot shouted. "Let them run up against a forest of lances!"

- Admiral "Art's" Leadership roll: 5
- D'Ken/Red Skull's Leadership roll: 5
- Borderer "Larry" (in O8) leaps to K7.
- Borderer "Kent" (in O6) moves to P11.
- Admiral "Charlie" (in N17) moves to N14.
- Admiral "Ben" (in P7) moves to P9.
- Admiral "Don" (in O18) moves to O13.
- D'Ken/Red Skull moves to P13.

[ ]White Queen E CT (6/6) E18 -
[ ]Jean Grey V DR (6/6) B13 @
[ ]Storm DR (5/5) F17 @ (Stealth)
[ ]Cyclops DR (6/6) G18
[1]Beast E XP (7/7) A13
[ ]Tessa R Sin (6/6) F18
[2]Quicksilver R AV (6/6) J6 @
[ ] Deathbird U XP (7/7) F19 @
Majestix Lilandra U SNV (6/6) V23(Inactive)

D'ken's Personal Guard
Emperor D'ken {Red Skull U CT} (7/7) P13 @
Shi'ar Admiral #1 V SNV "Art" (6/6) S13
Shi'ar Admiral #2 V SNV "Ben" (6/6) P9 @
Shi'ar Admiral #3 V SNV "Charlie" (6/6) N14 @
Shi'ar Admiral #4 V SNV "Don" (6/6) O13 @
Shi'ar Borderer #1 E SNV "Kent" (5/5) P11 @
Shi'ar Borderer #2 E SNV "Larry" (5/5) K7 @
Shi'ar Borderer #3 E SNV "Mark" (5/5) O14
Shi'ar Borderer #4 E SNV "Nate" (5/5) Q12
Shi'ar Warrior #1 R SNV "Stan" (5/5) R11 w/HO
Shi'ar Warrior #2 R SNV "Tom" (5/5) N11 w/LO @
Shi'ar Warrior #3 R SNV "Udo" (4/5) O15 w/LO @

HOs: O14, Q12, w/"Stan" in R11
LOs: T20, w/"Tom" in N11, w/"Udo" in O15
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