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Quote : Originally Posted by CurBludgeon View Post
Screw it. I've gone back to find these barbs and needles. It didn't take very long.

"My team is made for fun."

"you are seeing the Black Lanterns through POWER GAMERS eyes" as well as "I just think you are scared of other power gamers taking your power pieces"

"if you want to power-game that is your option"

"if you look at the JLA Satellite game half of the team were never members of the Satellite"

"one is more likely to see LoD, New Warriors type teams then a JLA team with 2/3rds of non JLAers. "

You'll excuse me if I'm starting to take it personally when you keep on bringing up my team derisively and throwing the "power gamer" name at me in order to disprove my argument.

You disagree with me? Fine. But attack my arguments. Don't attack me.

That's not cool.

I realize that I'm rapidly becoming the vocal minority on this issue, so I'm going to concede the BLC thing. There. Underlined it for emphasis.

But you know what? Don't tell me nonsense like "You're just seeing it through power gamer eyes" when I've worked my ### off to make this league a more fair and equitable place for all teams. If I wanted to protect my champion status I sure as hell wouldn't have added another round of playoffs to include a bunch more dangerous Marvel teams.

Don't spout off with measurably false statements like "Anybody can make the championship if they cheese it up." Having been to more of them than say, you, I can tell you that making it requires plenty of smart team-assembling (that would be "power gaming" to you), strategic thinking, and a few dashes of luck. To make it sound as easy as you put it insults not just my accomplishments, but zak's and Stepper's, too.
dude you are taking it too personally. we have already agreed to disagree,... but every time you post you always come out as "I'm the best player". maybe I am reading your posts wrong, maybe you do feel that way, maybe you are just defending yourself bc you feel that you are being attack, but it is coming across that way (to me)

You can have your moral victories; I'll stick with the real thing, thank you.
Since I claim to understand both, then shouldn't you be deferring to my point of view here?
in the FF playoff game you pretty much tell GA1 that he has to tell you what were all of his moves prior to the PC before you give your PC instructions,... as if he is trying to cheat when playing against you

I don't know if I kicked you in a different life but you have been picking on me for some time.

my first year in the league I took the WCA, everyone on that team was a WCA,... late in the season, you offer me KCGL for my feated up Hawkeye,... I was shocked but refused bc I was going theme,.... a few weeks after I declined the trade, Allen Scott came out and there was a discussion that you should lose KCGL, they even said that you knew that you would lose him,... everyone agreed that you should keep him until the end of the year. but you were going to trade me a guy that you KNEW that you might lose before the year was up. that was dirty but hey I refused the trade.

that was the same year that in the championship game you quit after you thought you couldn't win? you didn't give Zakiszak a full game, the entire year was built up for this last game and you give up.

the start of the 4th year I felt bad for you since you took the JLA and 7million JLA teams popped up after you,.... so I traded you JackofHearts,... for two characters that cost less then 50 when added together,... my thank you,... you blasted my team stating it shouldn't have made the playoffs,... and you worked really hard making the new playoffs schedule.

believe it or not I am not mad, I don't disagree with your play style (it is just a style that I don't use) all of this came up bc I feel that we shouldn't limit teams based on someones playing style.

sorry for the rant, but I am done with this,...

so anyone else notice how close the SSoSV vs New Avengers game is???
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