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HeroClix tournaments are normally on Monday nights; dice drop is 6:00 PM.

Read the post below for information regarding House Rules, and feel free to PM me with any questions.

Rockhead's Comics and Games
2328 Roosevelt Road (Hwy 50)
Kenosha, WI 53143

02 February: Super Bowl Battle
(300 Silver, Special) Classic rivals face off! Bring two 300-point teams of Arch-Enemies (Justice League/Legion of Doom, X-Men/Brotherhood, Avengers/Masters of Evil, etc.) Each round, you will choose one of your opponent's teams. You will play that, alongside the team your opponent did not choose.

09 February: 600 Silver

16 February: Date Night
(500 Silver) In honor of everyone's favorite Hallmark Holiday, your force must include at least one "couple" -- comics, movies, TV and such are all fair game to choose from.

23 February: 500 Silver

02 March: Trinity War Draft
Welcome the newest HeroClix set! Each player will purchase two boosters for the draft. Once you've drafted your pieces, build a 400-point team and cut loose!

09 March: Common Corps
(400 Silver) Keep your valuable pieces at home! In this event, every figure on your force must have a white or green rarity tab.

16 March: 400 Silver

23 March: I'm Kind of a Big Deal
(600 Silver) Watch your step! Each force must contain at least one character who can use the Great Size ability.

30 March: 300 Silver
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