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HeroClix tournaments are normally on Monday nights; dice drop is 6:00 PM.

Read the post below for information regarding House Rules, and feel free to PM me with any questions.

Rockhead's Comics and Games
2328 Roosevelt Road (Hwy 50)
Kenosha, WI 53143

24 November: Turkey Bowl
(600 Silver) Work up your hunger for that Thanksgiving feast, by going all out on the battlefield! Play any team you like and stuff your face with victory.
(Prizes: Fellowship, People's Choice, Random)

01 December: Bring on the Bad Guys
(500 Silver) There isn't a hero in sight, as villains battle for supremacy! Your force most consist entirely of "villain" characters.
(Prizes: Fellowship, People's Choice, Random)

07 December (Sunday, Noon): Kindred Kitties Catfight III
(500 Silver, no Resources or Entities) Support Kindred Kitties in this charity event! Your team must include at least one character with the "Animal" keyword, and "Animal" will be considered a named keyword for this event. $5 admission, plus $1 raffle tickets.

08 December: Season's Beatings
(300 Silver) Glad tidings and good cheer? Needs more chaos and mayhem! Anything goes as you wreak holiday havoc!
(Prizes: Fellowship, People's Choice, Random)

15 December: War of Light Reprise
This will be a 400-point battle using only figures from War of Light. Entities and Batteries may only be used on a named theme team with their corresponding keyword. Batteries must use their Emotional Spectrum ability. To be eligible for Nekron, you must have played in at least two earlier War of Light events.
(Prizes: First, Fellowship, Random)

22 & 29 December: Holiday Break

05 January: New Year, New Battle
(400 Silver) 2015 will kick off when you kick butt! Play any figures you like as we start a whole new year of Clix!
(Prizes: Fellowship, People's Choice, Random)

12 January: Reality Warp
(300 Silver) The world around your changes in the blink of an eye! After each player's turn, roll 2d6. On a result of 2 or 3, flip the map and place all characters in the same squares. If a character's new position is illegal, move him to the nearest legal position and take one click of unavoidable damage.
(Prizes: Fellowship, People's Choice, Random)

19 January: Polar Bear Plunge
(500 Silver) Pour some cold water on your enemy's plans! Your options are wide open in this battle.
(Prizes: Fellowship, People's Choice, Random)

26 January: Magnificent Seven
(1000 Silver) Bring a force with exactly 7 characters plus standard objects. The characters must share a named keyword.
(Prizes: Fellowship, People's Choice, Random)

02 February: Super Bowl Battle
(300 Silver, Special) Classic rivals face off! Bring two 300-point teams of Arch-Enemies (Justice League/Legion of Doom, X-Men/Brotherhood, Avengers/Masters of Evil, etc.) Each round, you will choose one of your opponent's teams. You will play that, alongside the team your opponent did not choose.
(Prizes: Fellowship, People's Choice, Random)
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