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Quote : Originally Posted by CurBludgeon View Post
Dude, you need to chill.

The last couple of times we spoke, a very clear pattern has emerged.

Me: Disagreeing with your idea. Example: "Your proposal doesn't work because of this reason."

You: Attacking me as a person. Example: "Your mother's a cankerous #####!"

Seriously. Chill. Just because I disagree with your idea doesn't mean I'm out to get you. And it doesn't give you cause to start attacking me personally.

really? get off your high horse, I never said anything about your mother. I have only pointed out the flaws in your idea's, yes criticized your team build but included my team in the mix.

you on the other hand continue to cry,....

but it doesn't surprise me, you are a selfish and a liar, you complete lied about your "offer" for Hawkeye. you never told me that Green Lantern had a chance at being lost before the next game started.

I don't hold grudges, like I said the following year I traded JoH to you for less then 50% of his cost, not bc you had the best off,... I traded him to you because of all of your crying,... ohhhh soooo many JLA teams,.... ohhh someone took my draft pick,...

I just want things to be fair for everyone,... which is something that you don't care about.
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