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There are a few House Rules you should be aware of.
  • As we progress through an event cycle, the Fellowship winner selects which figure is awarded for each event. A prize can not repeat until each prize has been awarded once.
  • In addition to Golden and Modern Age, we have one other Age at Rockheads. Silver Age allows any figure regardless of set, but no Feats or Battlefield Conditions.
  • During each round, I will alert players at roughly the halfway mark and when five minutes remain.
  • Bye Rounds will be scored as an average of the rounds actually played. (Example: You score 400 and 600 points, your Bye would be 500 points.)
  • There is a limit of 3 replacement figures per 100 points of the build total.
  • I am amenable to blessing a Theme Team which may not share a keyword if you can present a good case. Being allowed for a Theme Team does not grant any figure a keyword. If you're concerned that your idea for a Theme Team may not pass muster, feel free to contact me ahead of time.
  • Third-party maps (i.e. GridReality, Mighty Maps, etc.) may only be played if all players in the match agree.
  • If an event description indicates "figures," then this means figures with an actual sculpt. Example: If I say two figures must be related, this does not mean you can play Franklin Richards and Mr. Fantastic.
  • For special events, players may pre-register at the store within three weeks of the event. If attendance exceeds available space or product, players will be prioritized first by prior attendance, then by pre-registration.

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