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Quote : Originally Posted by charlesx View Post
Actually, I was thinking that George drew Carlos looking more like Gar Logan. He is a kind of Beast Boy after all.

(Felicidades, che! Excelente, el bosquejo! Vaya envidia!!!!!)

Jaja, thank you Charles for the "Beast Boy"! Muchas Gracias, Che!

Quote : Originally Posted by Silver Lantern View Post
Grats Carlos! I still remember when we went to your first Megacon like 10 years ago and you met Jorge Perez for the first time. Glad you could make a wish come true!

Rene! YOU was the FIRST that take me a pic with the great George Perez! I was so nervious that time! and I could speak like 1 or 2 words on english lol!
"he is a great fan from you, from Argentina" was what you told to George!

Did you know that picture appear in the official George Perez magazine?

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