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Quote : Originally Posted by I Am The Game View Post
Cool! Who's next?
I'm EXTREME happy already! I don't need anybody more!

But in case you are wondering who are my Favorite comic book artist, the list is really clear and simple for Me!:

My Favorite Artist of all Times are (in this orden!):

1) and 2) Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and George Perez (is so hard to choice between the 2!)
3-John Byrne
4-Alex Ross
5-Jim Aparo
6-Dick Giordano
7-John Romita Sr.
8-John Buscema
9- Sal Buscema
10-Alex Toth
11-Jim Starlin
12-Neal Adams
13-Francisco Solano Lopez
14-Milo Manara (I know this artist like the palm of my hand)
15-Dan Jurgens

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