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United States of America (US) First tournament battle report:
Team: 700 Points - 1 patriotic character, the rest have to have red, white, or blue on their costumes

I ran the current flagship Avengers team, as close as I could:

Captain America, HoT Thor, M&M Iron Man, SI Spider-Woman, WoS Spider-Man (Red&Blue), GSXM Wolverine, AV Hawkeye SR

Round 1: A lot of wasted time and missed attacks by my whole team left Cap wide open against my opponents WoS Iron Man. He didn't last, but was the only member of the team to go down. Sadly it was a loss, as I only managed to take out his Code: Blue Officer.

Round 2: Played on the new WWII map from Gridreality. I didn't have high hopes for this one. My opponent was using Crisis KC Superman, HoT Cap, Winter Soldier, the Chief, Isis, and V Dr Midnite. Luck kept Superman and Steve occupied with Spider-Woman for a while, who barely got touched. Logan didn't last, though; he was avenged. The map was on my side, as Thor was able to soften up Clark from on high while Buck moved into position. He managed to finish off Superman, and eventually Captain America, thanks to teamwork. Final enemy standing is a ghost from the past, Winter Soldier. Cap hits him hard, knocking him back onto his ship, but Spidey knocks him out, finishing off the team.

Round 3: Played in the warehouse side of the new map. Opponent had SI Sentry, Spider-Girl, and SR Scarlet Witch as notable members of his Avengers team. Oh, and E Quicksilver from IC, who somehow managed to hit Spidey with a knockback into some crates, dealing him 3 damage. Ridiculous! Thor gets crippled by Sentry with HSS, but doesn't go down. Buck manages to pick up the Crimson Gem, but has to work his way around the crates, the middle of which are occupied by the opponent. Shoots up at his AW E Captain America, hurting him, but spends the rest of the match essentially jockeying for positions. Overall a win.

Wins: 2
Losses: 1
KOs: 2 - Crisis KC Superman, HoT Captain America
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