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August 2nd
This week's format called for everyone to build a 250 point force from the Captain America set, then purchase one booster and pick another 250 points to include for a 500 point team.

I brought Captain America (GF), Black Widow (GF), Nick Fury (GF), and Falcon. Combined with a Red Skull SR pull (nice!), Sin, and Slingshot.

All three rounds were played on the S-4 side of the Hellicarrier map, the cramped indoors. My choice most times, actually. I like breaking up lines of fire.

Round 1: Versus Rojhaz, Dirk Anger, Black Panther, Batroc, Red Guardian, SHIELD Specialist, an Adaptoid....and 2 other characters that escape me. I got obliterated, but Buck managed to take out a lowly Shield Specialist all by his lonesome. (She had pushed) I couldn't handle the sheer number of characters my friend had, combined with his Rohjaz ignoring my stealth, Black Panther outwitting and slashing away, and Slingshot missing every. single. attack. Utterly, utterly, defeated.

Round 2: Versus "All Head" himself, MODOK, along with Fixer, Viper, Hardball, and some Hydra goons. It was a struggle; we tore down nearly every wall in the center of the map, which made for a cluster&*^% in the halls. Bucky managed to work over Phobos with his pistol, knowing from experience that I had to get the kid out of there or he'd just keep coming back. He also got a pot-shot or two off on the Big Giant Head, but not much else.

The middle of the match I was at a loss on what to do; without LoF with Outwit and all 2 damages, I couldn't hurt Fixer or MODOK. Eventually moved around some pieces instead of picking away at Hydra goons. Won this one after several poor attacks at critical junctures, including two crit misses (in a row!) by Sin.

Round 3: Faced Capwolf himself (a really lucky pull!), along with peanut Cap, Doorman, Kitty Pryde, Hyde and Nomad. Doorman kept me on my toes with the CapWolf, and the Skull almost bit it, but I needed him alive so I pushed to Regen up a few clicks and was able to poison Wolf down a few clicks. Cap and Falcon double teamed Hyde, finishing him up quickly thanks to some Perplexing help from the Widow. Cap did manage to take a hit from Hyde that landed him on his 11 attack, 1 damage click.

Nick and Sin kept Kitty occupied while Fury tossed outwit around from the command center in the main room. Once Pryde was out of the way, Bucky moved up to the command station to get a line of fire, and with Fury outwitting the Super Senses, pushed to take a shot, KOing the CapWolf with one click of damage. Doorman stood there and got beat up by Falcon and Red Skull.

Wins: 2
Losses: 1
KOs: 3 - SHIELD Specialist, Phobos, and Capwolf

Never once had an opportunity to use Red Skull's outwit, but his Leadership came in handy.. except in the first game when I faced Dirk Anger. He got smacked around a lot. Falcon is my new best bud for obvious reasons. Good to have you along, Sam!
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