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Battle Report 9/7
Bucky went out into the field with a team of "street-level" Avengers:

CA Black Panther
CA Falcon
CA Black Widow w/ T-Bolts
SI Spider-Man

The 1st two rounds I T-bolted Mystics, but in the 3rd I forgot but he let me pick anyway, so I just did Ultimates since he didn't have any stealth.

Round 1 wound up as a win for the team versus a couple Street Fighters, Batman & Robin (Dick & Damien), Tarantula, and Batroc (ZE LEPAIR!!). The only thing Cap managed to do was sock the other sidekick-turned-hero, Dick Grayson, for 3 damage (1 + CCE), but then he got KO'd by him and Balrog.

Round 2 was against a rival, imposter gang of Avengers. Peanut Cap (brainwashed!), Falcon (faker!), 89pt Bucky (clone!), Spider-Woman (dirty Skrull!), and Iron Fist (.....look at his booties!). Well his Steve managed to pick up Mjolnir, so I could see the writing on the wall. Bucky only managed to hit his doppleganger and Iron Fist, not KOing anybody. Hope the people of NY weren't watching that one.

Round 3 the team went up against a bunch of celebrites, including Silk Spectre (classy dame), Deejay, Fei Long, R Legacy Joker, Vigilante, and the brick Spider-Man. Bucky got smacked good at the beginning, but he managed to make it to a vine that healed him up slowly. He healed up to the 11 attack, 1 dmg +CCE click while the rest of the team ran around hitting people. Falcon couldn't bring himself to punch Silk Spectre for half the game. His Spidey ended up on my end of OA (with the elevated starting area), where I was able to finally take him down. Bucky managed to finish off Fei Long with a shot after he was worked over by Spidey and Black Panther.

Wins: 2
Losses: 1

KO's: 1 - Fei Long
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