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Quote : Originally Posted by Carbon Rod View Post
Love the battle reports. I'm sorry that Buck's having a tough go of it, but I was inspired by this thread to play the following team for the 400 point Captain America Floor event my venue is doing tonight:

CA Captain America (peanut base)
CA Falcon
CA Black Panther
CAGF Captain America
SI "Lampost" Spider-Man

For an Avengers theme team. I'm hoping to have Falcon taxi around Buck and those two to run roughshad. But I'll let you know how it goes.
Awesome man, I look forward to hearing back. Yeah it was bad planning on my part this week that did him in. I was using Falcon to carry the Widow onto the hammer first off, so he and Buck weren't ending up together.

Plus certain people know I'm trying to track his KOs and just have it out for him, the jerks!
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