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Instead of listing all the different powers lets look at Plasticity
This character adds 2 to its d6 roll when breaking away. Opposing characters can’t automatically break away from this character and subtract 2 from their d6 roll when breaking away from this character. Opposing characters entering a square adjacent to this character must end their movement, even if they would not have to do so normally
now looking at this, characters that would move adjacent to characters would have to stop. The only characters that will not have to stop are thoughs that ignore characters for movement. So that will be the language that you will want to look for "Ignores Characters" otherwise they will stop.

Now looking at characters that would Start Adjacent. Similar characters that can Automatically Break Away can not do so. But characters that can "Ignore Characters" do not have to Break Away as they treat the character as not there.
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When I came on board as RA I brought with me a mission to meet the intent of a power/ability and a firm distaste for exploits or loopholes that circumvented the intention of a rule. That's where the Rules team comes in.
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